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Advantages of using the Google Phone app on Android mobiles

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Many overlook phone apps on Android phones because they think they don’t offer useful tools and stick with the default one on the phone. However, one of the most complete is googlephone, It has functions that are practical on a day-to-day basis.

The Google phone app can be easily installed on any smartphone to enjoy its qualities.

Google Phone is available in the Play Store to be downloaded whenever the user wants. Its installation is very simple and in return it provides a set of options that are excellent for freely managing calls. Next, we will tell you what are the main reasons to switch to the Google phone.

– Flip to mute: If there is a call that you do not want to answer, simply turn the mobile over to stop ringing. It is a very effective method to silence the smartphone quickly without having to interact with the screen.

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– Avoid spam: Like spam messages, this type of call is often a terrible nuisance. To avoid this headache, Google Phone includes a feature called “Verified Calls.” Google works in conjunction with the person’s carrier to verify the identity of the callers, which is useful to know if the call is legitimate or not.

– Personalized search results: the phone app is able to offer personal results when you do a search. To do this, you have to enable the “Custom search results” option so that the application extracts data from the search history of the Google account.

– Search for nearby places: It is used to indicate to the mobile which are the local calls made by the user. This is very useful when searching for establishments, since the phone will return results for sites that are close to the area where the person resides, it will not even be necessary to use Google Maps. To activate the function you have to go to “Settings” – “Nearby places”.

– Hear who is calling: This tool is called “Caller ID Announcement” and its purpose is to announce the person who is calling, either through the loudspeaker or only through the headset. It is useful when you cannot see the mobile screen.

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