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Adobe’s “Future of Time”: Redefines productivity

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Just a day ago, the company Adobe Document Cloud released a new study that writes the evolution of the work, presented through “Future of Time“. Through this study you will be able to find a lot of information of different kinds, such as the fact that more than 70% of employees and diligent have change as their objective in their respective positions. At first glance, this small foundation, like others, guides companies and their stakeholders to new platforms and digital media. Mainly focusing these tools to remain calm after the various situations where everything seems uncertain.

“The Future of Time” Adobe’s vision on productivity

The full name of this work by Adobe is “The Future of Time: Redefining Productivity During Uncertainty“. This hard work takes the statements of more than 9,700 people, from employees of all kinds of rank to those of large companies. This speaks of the great work and broad perspective that it encompasses, taking as main focus uncertainty and the impact it has on productivity.

The current situation of the world that covers from the economy to the recent pandemic caused by COVID-19 and its variants caused different questions to reflect and calculate. Given the uncertainty that the study speaks of, “The Future of Time” presents that 70% of company members increasingly take much more time to comment on recent news and events around the world on a daily basis.

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You will also find that 76% know that since the last year it is important to know the current news on a day-to-day basis, because perhaps some of it can hinder their complete work. Now workers know that any unforeseen event can affect their efficiency and productivity, with generation Z being 93% and millennials 87%. This is surprising since it has also increased in previous generations such as the X with 79% and Boomers with 71%.

At this point, the digital platforms and the various facilities you offer, as well as other aid to employees, come into play. Well, not everything is bad, since around 58% are aware that work is also an escape from the global situation. Here multiple companies have used these means to maintain the creativity, efficiency and calm of their employees, directing them to transcendental projects.

Digital platforms as means of transformation

Due to this situation, it is common for employees to have in mind to use the maximum ingenuity to generate new methods of productivity in their respective positions. However, uncertainty is quite harassing with all workers, so companies have to re-search their own competitiveness and adaptability to changes in the world.

  • During last year more than a third of managers took part of the budget in new technologies that they could help their workers do better in the face of uncertainty.
  • This small big change has borne fruit in most cases, with up to 84% of managers claiming to see changes and increases in their companies. An efficiency of 62% in SMEs, as well as 66% for renowned companies.

Employees request technologies and well-being

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The Future of Time demonstrates various issues, reiterating the uncertainty in work of all kinds at its core. In other words, workers now also think that their work has at least a certain level of technology, as well as well-being to give them a certain level of peace of mind.

  • There was a fairly significant increase in the expectations of managers and employees. Well, these increasingly demand a position that has a certain level of purpose and planning for a year. The workers themselves are the ones who are part of this culture plan in order to contribute their own change and remain calmer.
  • More than two thirds have their expectations set for the following year in terms of collaborations, with 69% in SME managers and 76% in large companies. These have begun to have more digitization than before, helping a lot to overcome the uncertainty that The Future of Time talks about.
  • 7 out of 10 managers and workers have faith in digital media. Being that they improve productivity and a means of escape from stress in unexpected situations. Although the study also talks about how some support tools are missing.
  • Supporting digital tools provide sufficient support for collaborations and solutions. Well, more than 70% of the personnel in companies affirm that helping each other to control collaborative problems through these means improves relationships.

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