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Adobe: video editing and 3D as the protagonist at the Oscars 2023

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It is quite interesting to know that adobe company recently published 10 of the films nominated for the award ceremony by the academy, Oscar’s and that have made use of the company’s applications. Every story you saw in these feature films is part of a process that involves Adobe. Among the films to mention are three documentaries and some incredible films like All at Once Everywhere, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Top Gun: Maverick.

In addition, among the applications that have been used the most by directors and teams that include Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After effects, Illustrator and Frame.io. The editing, assembly, creation and collaboration between teams is a fundamental part of projects as important and of such magnitude as the nominated productions. There are also programs like Adobe Substance 3D for creating increasingly realistic 3D objects and effects.

Adobe’s pride is reflected in the trust and effort for filmmakers with such profitable applications in highly creative work. This also prompts the company to push the limits of their own technologies in film “to create in new media and collaborate in new ways, from anywhere.”

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The high competitiveness between filmmakers and productions leads to a better presentation and demand. Whether you’re more original, impactful, fluid, or bold in your presentation, better tools and creative collaboration are in order.

Adobe present in the nominations

It is important for the film industry as well as for Adobe to highlight this alliance. Well, the audience’s favorite movies have that grain of sand provided by the creative tools of Creative Cloud. Some specific examples are:

  • Paul Rogers, editor at the All at Once Everywhere project. Rogers used Premiere Pro, After Effects and Frame.io for this production, which received 11 nominations for Best Editing and Best Picture. The editor highlighted what a great tool it is for editing and how Frame.io streamlined the workflow.
  • Jayse Hansen, UI designer for Top Gun: Maverick worked under After Effects and Illustrator which served on the interior design of some aircraft, as well as animations for realistic scenes in said cockpits and high speeds. This led to no more and no less than six nominations for Visual Effects and Best Picture.
  • The Fire of Love post-production team also did work on various Adobe Creative Cloud apps and Frame.io. The National Geographic documentary already had the Jonathan Openheim editing award and a nomination for Best Documentary Feature at the Oscars.
  • Lead Artist Sarah Cosmí’s team of textures at Digital Digital Domain worked on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever through Substance 3D on the visual effects. This production achieved up to 5 nominations.

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All the apps covered by Adobe Creative Cloud and Substance 3D were a fundamental part in the production of the films with great reputation and worldwide popularity. This has even happened with recognized franchises like Spider-Man, The Batman, Blade Runner 2049, even Star-Wars.

Industry Valuation

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded Adobe a Scientific Technical Award for Substance 3D Designer’s tremendous contributions to these productions. Adobe is a company that has already received three scientific and engineering awards with this. In 2018, the company also received recognition for After Effects and Photoshop for motion design and digital painting.

Now during 2023, the Eddie Awards also used Premiere Pro for the most outstanding productions that just received an award. Films like Everything at the same time everywhere edited with these apps or the animated series Love Death and Robots for best editing. Among other multiple awards that Adobe received for the tools so useful in various aspects of these film productions.

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