Adobe revolutionizes creativity with the magic of AI: Generative Fill and Firefly

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remove tool.png

The company Adobe has more and more contributions for the Photoshop application, toAlthough still in its beta version that can enhance the experience and especially the workflow of multiple creatives in the community thanks to generative AI. Photoshop have the potential to create with just a simple text with Generative Fill and that has the power of Adobe Firefly.

You can already try these new features thanks to Adobe’s generative AI. You can go to the beta desktop version and within Adobe Firefly beta. The generation of images is thanks to Photoshop and Firefly with the ability to edit with multiple tools and common options.

From the time you save and comfort with creative workflows, whether it’s complex edits or accessible layouts, general edits to images. Generative Fill is a whole creative experience to improve or change various aspects of your own images without removing their essence and that won’t leave a bad taste when editing. Also take advantage of other Photoshop news:

  • Presets.
  • Remove Tools.
  • Contextual taskbar.
  • Changes in the gradients.

Generative Fill in Photoshop beta and module in Firefly beta

The integration is important for Photoshop as a whole creative novelty and above all a saving of time in the generation of content. The generation of images through AI with only a text that integrates content, delete or change sections with just a few clicks. You will have a new “generative layer” to develop your ideas without destroying anything of the essence, apart from offering opportunity to new ideas and possibilities.

The new Photoshop contextual taskbar is also part of the new ways to create content. This tool together with the Gerative Fill button will be present once you select a section. This form will be ideal to give you the only choice to continue as usual or try new forms in your way of creating.

It is important to note that among the more than 100 million contents, Firefly is the professional generative AI model and that it is commercially viable. It can be created under an open license or in the public domain without any type of copyright.

You only have to make a selection, click on generate and in this way you will create various options. You can “generate with or without adding text to the prompt”. Take advantage of the fact that the Photoshop tools will contribute what is necessary to this novelty to obtain the best results.

  • Firstly, it integrates an existing image.
  • Proceed to delete or change sections of the image.
  • Enlarge the image.

Either way you can fix any bug or edit whatever you want whenever you want still experimenting, start with Photoshop subscriptions or sign up for Adobe Firefly. It even remembers that you have the content credentials for Content Authenticity Initiative.

What’s New in Photoshop


It takes a lot of time from various tasks that will suffice just a few seconds like changing image layouts quickly. Up to 32 new presets from the Adjustments paneljust by hovering the mouse you will notice the changes of selecting the presets. Access here for more information.

remove tool

Remove owes everything to AIwell Modifying objects or removing them with just a brush without losing nearby objects on complex backgrounds is now feasible. Especially if you want to remove large objects so that there is nothing that doesn’t fit in the image. You can even remove an entire building.

The tool works for:

  • large objects.
  • Objects close to others.
  • Objects on backgrounds of different approaches.
  • Objects with structures behind.

New contextual taskbar

The contextual taskbar will appear on your screen suggesting different functions depending on the key workflows, reducing clicks in seconds. The tooltip allows you to Select and Mask, Blur, Invert, Make Layer, among other functions in Generative Fill.

improved gradients

The new feature came from Adobe with amazing improvements again with efficient workflows. With just a few clicks, you’ll create gradients that hold controls on the canvas with superb precision and in real time. Also with a live preview and automatically. All this time you can modify without damaging your creations with the gradients no damage to the original image.