Adobe renews Lightroom for mobile: HDR photos for Google Pixel and optical blur with AI with one touch

adobe renews lightroom for mobile hdr photos for google pixel.jpg
adobe renews lightroom for mobile hdr photos for google pixel.jpg

Adobe has redesigned the app’s interface to make the workflow simpler and easier for any user.

Yesterday Adobe presented battle against DALL-E 3, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion with the arrival of the big update to Firefly, its AI available for free in Adobe Express or through its Creative Cloud plans. He also took advantage of his Adobe MAX event to announce what’s new in Lightroom in its versions for Android and iOS.

Adobe Lightroom is found as the best app for take image editing to another level. The strength of Firefly-type generative AI and its creative ability to save a lot of processes in creative creation is still missing, but it won’t be a matter of long before it receives a big makeover.

Meanwhile, Adobe has announced a series of improvements to Lightroom for iOS and Android. One of them is Lens Blura function that Improve portrait photography with a simple press to apply that much desired blur effect capable of making the photographed subject look even more beautiful. The other important novelty is the optimization of HDR, in order to be able to work on an image with this type of technology that is increasingly in demand.

The new Lightroom toolbar

It must be said that the availability of HDR is limited to the Pixel 7 or higher and an iPhone or higher model (HDR panel required). What it really does is display images in a much wider tonal range with the possibility of editing them with all possible color fidelity. Of course, these photographs can be saved in HDR in the new AVIF and JPEG XL formats (which are based on offering higher quality photos with a smaller file size).

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