Adobe Firefly transforms Adobe Illustrator with incredible generative AI capabilities

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media 145670e945798f649c89300dc3ea1cf74897e88f9.jpg

Adobe today unveiled Generative Recolor in its beta version, a new addition to Adobe Firefly in Adobe Illustrator. In this way, designers can easily switch between text prompts, speeding up work. This new way quickly stands out, being a good method of giving creators the necessary experience with Firefly to support their ideas.

Firefly, the great enhancer of everything

Firefly allows your ideas to take shape much easier and automate previously manual and even boring mechanics. TONow Generative Recolor almost instantly changes colors with “vector artwork like never before,” says the company. This task is almost always used by companies, although they had to manually change every aspect of the color with each new packaging. It’s a common strategy, because that way you can look at each logo before making a change or redesign, something that Firefly now does in a few movements without consuming a lot of time, taking advantage of it for other tasks.

Adobe is quite up to date on AI innovations with over 10 years of experience on the subject, already adding multiple features to its applications in CreativeCloud, DocumentCloud and Experience Cloud, Firefly that recently arrived with the possibility of generating images and effects. The new function is already being a success since its launch in the entire history of Adobe, surprising by having more than 150 million images that the Photoshop community itself made in just three weeks using Generative Fill in Firefly itself.

firefly in Illustrator it is a total and incredible integration by Adobe starting from their own words for improving creative workflows in different aspects. In such a short time, the AI ​​Firefly is already a hallmark compared to other AI services in the current market. The content is quite important, so the company hopes that other brands will train Firefly to generate better work with their own resources, style and brand language through API’s. In addition, they do not have to worry about Adobe’s intellectual property rights, since generating the content will be completely trustworthy.

Generative Recolor comes to Illustrator

The new Generative Recolor feature arrives today to debut in Adobe Illustrator as part of Generative AI. The feature works on the concept of providing part of your vision, for example if you mention “noon in the desert” or “midnight in the jungle” and then transform it into custom settings to color vector artwork. In other words, you will be able to “automatically apply colors to complex vector graphics”, subtracting all the time that you could spend on other activities of different objects.

The creative process is something that can now go much faster and that you can apply to multiple jobs, be they marketing, brands, drawings or illustrations. The designer will be able to experiment with everything they can imagine in their packaging designs or variations in everything they want to create..

Generative Recolor is an opportunity for designers to apply hundreds of options such as:

  • Faster Color Capture: Time is now reduced when it comes to recoloring graphics with just a few text prompts.
  • Experiment and transform colors: You can experiment as much as you want with different tones, palettes, and themes.
  • Multiple Shade Variations: Generate everything you want in colors with just a single design file no matter what purpose you wish to have.

Other innovations in Illustrator

Among these improvements, you will also be able to notice in Illustrator a new collection of functions like Retype in beta form, functionalities of layers and improvements to trace the images you want and speed up the process more.

Remember that both Generative Recolor and Retype in Illustrator are already available as of today in beta versions, as well as other improvements. In any case, go to the official sites of Adobe Spain if you require more information.