Adobe decides to add for Creative Cloud

Adobe is known for always looking for efficiency, always listening and putting its customers first. So, they have decided to act after analyzing the great increase in interest, also to collaborate and review virtually with other people for the creation of videos. It was always their priority, but now this partnership is absolutely essential for Adobe. Adobe has released the news about users of Premiere Pro Y After Effects they have for Creative Cloud.

Now as part of the subscription, you will have this service, with the help of you will be able to work faster. You will be able to connect with many people who will be able to observe and approve your content more quickly and accurately. for After Effects and Premiere Pro

Professional-level workflow is now much easier and more efficient with This service allows you to share a link to your video or composition with your work team or with your client. Virtually anyone involved may have milestones in the review process. You manage who can comment, draw on the video, be so precise as to review each frame, displaying their comments with date and time on your timeline. Finally with this association, you will be able to Forget about taking millennia to wait for reviews or decipher confusing comments in emails, now you can review more accurate feedback.

When the project is completely finished, everyone involved can approve it directly from the provided web link or from the app itself. Fully approved to facilitate your work and speed up all the processes you want.

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You can now organize every part of your content with for Creative Cloud, all in one place. With up to 100 GB of fully dedicated storage, you can enjoy all its tools, from uploading your media files to the cloud to sharing those files with another member. You will be able to upload and download all the multimedia files you need, as well as other files from Premiere Pro and After Effects without having to require any other extra services. also grants you full access to Camera to Cloudwhich allows you extract the files directly from your camera. This option will save you all the time in the world when you decide to be editing and importing your chosen files. Simply upload them to the cloud as soon as you stop recording to proceed to transfer, upload or download them manually. Your video will be fully available almost instantly, allowing others on your team to take over everything you upload even while you’re still recording.

How to have this update with

You can now go directly to your program, since for Creative Cloud has not been fully available for use since recently. The latest versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects already have this service worldwide. The first thing you should do is get the latest update for these appsthen you will have to check with the panel using your Adobe ID. In case you still have the previous version, you will have to install panel or visit the web application via It is worth mentioning that this application panel is only available in English.

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It is quite clear that this association is here to stay and above all to help all types of users. for Creative Cloud is a big and important step in the development of platforms that foster interaction for video editors. You also have to stay to each and every one of the updates that Adobe has to present in the near future. For now we leave a little more of the Premiere Pro updates in order to help everyone with a more efficient and faster work for their community.