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Adobe and all its news at NAB 2022

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The NAB is finally back, now located in Las Vegas, Nevada and it will be accompanied by adobe. Everything that this company has worked on in recent times will be presented at this event. Things like the new updates and especially now that there is an alliance with Frame.io.

Adobe is really proud of everything it has achieved in this time, in addition to the joint with Frame.io, there is the new Camera to Cloud mechanic, among many others and even for Apple TV 4k. The gradation functions with FilmLight’s, the power protection functions. Especially one of the most important ones like the one from Frame.io for Creative a few days ago.

Camera to Cloud, innovation and improvement for Adobe

It is well known that Adobe always thinks about improvements and especially ease of use for experts and new users. This incessant search is always surrounded by accessible tools for everyone, use the software they want. Therefore they chose bring all these creators the Camera to Cloud and allow all work teams to make use of its useful tool whatever the project.

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Teradek Serv 4K

Camera to Cloud support is intended to support various media such as Teradek Serv 4K, which will also be adding it. Now you can send 4K 10-bit proxies in addition to accessing automatic codes to Frame.io directly from your camera to view them almost immediately.

The ability to send files in 4K quality is incredibly useful for any user who needs them right away. In this way you will instantly improve any error during your first recording and improve it. Adobe is aware of valuable recording time so now you can quickly switch between proxies.


The company is continually opening new horizons, so now it’s Atomos’ turn to join as a new member of this huge community. Atomos will now also integrate multiple new features such as mirrorless cameras and DSLRs accompanying the Camera to Cloud.

It is now an excellent time for Atomos, as it has not been left behind with this new alliance and has launched Atomos Shogun Connect, in addition to having special attachments for other devices such as the Ninja V and Ninja V+. In addition to Camera to Cloud, it would also be integrating Frame.io to C2C, which would support creating videos with HDMI. In this way, any work team that seeks to communicate quickly or have a large production event can quickly have their collaborations through the cloud.

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One of the facilities provided by this modality is to make the waiting and delivery times of your projects much more efficient. Now the distance with your editor has been reduced, since practically anyone can immediately review and approve your work in order to avoid long waiting times and unnecessary submissions to finalize your content. The material offered to everyone will be quickly being shared with those involved, shot by shot they will be able to see what you see.

It should be noted that the release of the Connect have not yet been distributed but we are nowhere near being able to have them available worldwide. These are scheduled for June 2022.

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FiLMiC Pro

If you prefer to use a mobile instead of another method to record your projects, now you can take your project to other levels, far from just a common section or a shortfilm. Half the job is image quality, but also getting it to your editor.

Then with Camera to Cloud it will also be integrated as practical as possible. Being incorporated into FiLMiC Pro, you will have connection to C2C accessing the cloud even more easily from anywhere if you have your mobile connected. The quality and integration of FilMiC Pro now added to Frame.io so you can have your content anywhere.

FDX FilmDataBox

Adobe’s ultimate plan is to have Camera to Cloud anywhere and with whatever instrument you intend to record your project with. Whether it’s your iPhone or pretty much any other camera no matter which, so now FDX will be added to this alliance.

Their products will allow the connection of a camera or disk card to be able to edit or be concerned with other aspects while you take care of your files and work with them in other areas. FDX will allow a wide variety of file types such as H.264, DNxHD, AVC-Intra and even the one compatible with iPhone 13 Pro like ProRes to have them fully available in Frame.io.

Viviana Cloud

It’s important to keep all aspects of a recording in check, so Adobe has also made an alliance with Viviana Cloud so that even sound recorders are involved. You will be able to quickly access all your files through Viviana Cloud Box, so that this work rhythm does not slow down and you have your audio files easily at hand with Frame.io from any other recorder even if you do not have Wi-Fi. Your SD is enough so you can continue using your files once they are uploaded to the cloud.


This is also a new ally of Camera to Cloud, accompanying the good work it has done with Baselight as an excellent system for color correction in your projects. It is important to note that for this join no need to download even more plugins because Adobe knows the importance of your memory usage. Now users can directly share their work through Frame.io so they can select the downloads or uploads they want to make, directly focusing on what they should edit according to the comments.

Adobe thinks about improving every aspect of the projects, from the cameraman to the editors. These last color-focused ones are also included during this post-production process.

More news to announce

As we mentioned at the beginning. Adobe will be full of news and features that they want to integrate now. Even on Apple, like Apple TV 4K now with Frame.io having early access to all recordings that companies want from their media work teams.

Companies will easily have available in their inboxes a practical way to view stakeholders and access content in 4K HDR mode with the best resolution. They can also be directly connected all the time to the Apple TV 4K. Users with this access can conveniently navigate between all the available content, clips or folders at their disposal with the Play Queue.

Adobe doesn’t stop at these updates for everything you want to integrate. He also thinks about the security of everything that is at his disposal. Now with Digital Rights Management or DRM for its acronym and 2FA or two-factor authentication you can have much more security in all the content you want. Multiple encryption that protects from unwanted duplicates and making it so that only those involved can view it, whether through Frame.io, iPhone, Apple TV or other options.

Meanwhile, two-factor authentication also protects the user and their identity. As its name suggests, through Frame.io you can protect your account through better authentication. If you want to know more about this protection of DRM, 2FA and other securities through Frame.io you can enter In the following link.

Extra Notes from Adobe

Adobe has been constantly looking for improvements to their platform, patch after patch with Camera to Cloud and other features like the ones seen here. Always offering the best solutions and collaborations for any means or purpose you need is always their goal at any point in your project.

These functions are also available as the Camera to Cloud or the C2C totally without extra costs in case you already have a paid account with Frame.io or an account for Adobe Creative Cloud that also contains Frame.io.

The other functions already reported during this post are already fully available or will be in a very short time.


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