ADO EBIKE, this is your laboratory for the design of electric bicycles


At present, the difference between ADO EBIKE and other Chinese electric bike brands is that ADO has strong product quality control ability.

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the constitution of the brand, the ADO EBIKE laboratory was officially launched with an investment of about 2.5 million euros. This decision seems crazy to many people. Is it really worth investing in so many assets?

Why is a laboratory necessary?


The founder, Mr. Sen, said:

We want to make the ADO brand a long-term brand. If we want to go further, we must invest in product development and experimental industries. ADO has always been user-centric and the lab is how we create a user-friendly brand, where we design tools and supports for a better experience. Only a strong laboratory can have strong product quality and can create products with the best user experience.

ADO adheres to the original intention of “protecting urban commuting every day”, and is the first QTL electric bike lab in the industry that has been authorized by the SGS international certification standard – ADO EBIKE QTL Lab.

This shows that ADO’s inspection and testing capabilities, innovative R&D capabilities, and laboratory management level have reached the level of the domestic leading industry, which means that ADO’s products are all high-quality products. which have undergone rigorous quality tests and meet international standards.

What is SGS


SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance SA) is an internationally recognized product quality control and technical evaluation agency, and the largest and most qualified certification agency in the world.
Among them, Chinese brands such as HUAWEI, TCL, and Haier have also adopted SGS certification as their product certification standard.

Laboratory benefits for users


1. Great product quality, super long product life, up to 10 years.


ADO has invested in advanced test instruments and experimental equipment to support X test items, such as new vehicle testing, component testing, electrical system safety testing and evaluation, and mechanical fatigue testing, covering vehicle performance, mechanical performance, material performance, strength performance tests and more.

The test methods are in accordance with the standards of the SGS organization. Each component and the entire vehicle must pass a strict quality inspection before leaving the factory to ensure strict quality assurance.

For example, the frame of ADO will undergo 10,000 times of material hardness test, natural aging test, material corrosion resistance test, as well as force vibration test and pressure fatigue test; The front fork of the frame will be subjected to 10,000 times of impact test. This means that ADO frames can be used for up to 10 years, they are very resistant, the paint does not come off easily and they are very stable in extreme weather conditions.

At the same time, the new vehicle will pass 10,000 times of endurance test, mechanical fatigue test and mechanical performance test, the highest pursuit of product quality, to provide users with a long service life.

2. Safe and reliable, stable battery life and endurance, up to 100 km.


ADO A20 model

The issue that most concerns users is the safety of batteries. In this regard, the ADO laboratory has strict production standards and inspection standards for batteries. It is checked whether the batteries produced according to the production standards are safe, whether the batteries have a stable life, and whether they have a long stable life.

Here’s what to do to check battery life:

  • A low temperature environment is simulated to see whether the battery can discharge a stable current at low temperature (-20 degrees);
  • Normal temperature environment is simulated to verify battery capacity is qualified under common scenarios;
  • The high temperature environment (55 degrees) is tested to see whether the battery charge and discharge is abnormal, and the performance of the temperature sensor is also examined;
  • By charging and discharging the battery several times, it is observed whether the battery test data is qualified;
  • After 8 hours, 12 tests are carried out to ensure the stability of each battery;
  • Finally, the SGS certified battery protection board is installed to prevent battery damage;
  • The battery data of the 5 electric bicycles are tested in actual driving of the new product, for example, whether it will affect the safety of the battery after riding for X hours on a bumpy road section. After making sure that there is no potential safety hazard, final production and mass-produced batteries will be carried out. Strictly in accordance with the AQL standard for testing.

This strict process ensures that ADO batteries can provide stable power output, quality, battery life, and life expectancy.

In this link you have the videos where the tests carried out are shown.

3. Driving comfort, the best driving experience.


ADO’s new product development and design will incorporate ergonomic design while conducting tests according to market demand to ensure the most comfortable model is designed.

At the same time, the smooth driving of the ADO vehicle will be tested, including the braking ability test, the climbing ability test, and the power assist ratio test. ADO bicycles are simulated under complex road conditions such as gravel roads and rough roads, whether the fastest speed can still reach 25km/h, whether the uphill speed is smooth and labor-saving, whether the distance of Braking is short and stable, and strong shock absorption capacity, to achieve the maximum user comfortable driving experience.

4. Listen to the voice of customers and provide a guarantee of safe service


In the product development process, ADO will collect users’ needs and suggestions and pass them on to the product lab. The laboratory department will design and improve the product after review, such as enlarging the tire size, enlarging the handlebar for better grip, etc. At the same time, in response to customer needs, mid-motor electric bicycles are being developed.

At the same time, in terms of service, ADO has achieved 48-hour delivery in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Austria. and users will receive their favorite products within 48 hours (business days) after placing the order. Regarding after-sales service, ADO has a self-built after-sales service center and accessories distribution warehouse in Germany to ensure that users can buy with confidence, use with confidence, and travel comfortably, becoming the cornerstone of the journey! of the users!

About DEKRA Mark certification and SGS CE certification

After ADO ebike products passed the strict production standards and inspection standards, they apply to DEKRA and SGS international professional inspection agencies for product quality and safety inspection by professional agencies, and have obtained with successful internationally recognized DEKRA Mark certification and SGS CE certification. This is a strong testimony to the safety and high quality of ADO products.



It is worth mentioning that the Dece 300 product has passed the SGS Performance Tested mark (SGS Performance Test Certification Service), and the certificate can be checked by scanning the following QR code.


Few Chinese brands can pass this certification. ADO has done it. ADO strives to become a benchmark among Chinese brands abroad.


ADO Experimental Center will always focus on users, increase innovation and product research and development, adhere to product quality, and build the technical core value and competitiveness of ADO brand. At the same time, in the future, the ADO experimental center will be equipped with the self-developed ADO G-Drive electronic control operating system to develop high-quality customized products that meet the needs of different users. ADO will soon launch new products such as charging and outdoor camping.


We are very accustomed, for a few years, to seeing electric bicycles with a very good cost-benefit ratio, but we rarely pay attention to the manufacturer.

It is difficult to know what happens behind an online store, many times we do not know if they are resellers or if the same bicycle is being sold with different names and prices, that is why it is so important to know details about the manufacturing process, about the tests made or the international certificates that a manufacturer has hanging on its walls.

Knowing what the ADO Bikes laboratory is like has helped us understand that we are talking about a brand concerned with guaranteeing that there is quality in its product, and that they have a very respectable long-term international vision.

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