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Activision is against putting releases on Game Pass, even after merging with Microsoft

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Over the past few days, we’ve had a series of important revelations about the backstage of the video game industry revealed, thanks to the European Commission’s review process for the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft.

While the Redmond giant tries at all costs to defend its position and get approval, Sony continues to add arguments to try to prevent the transaction from happening. Amidst the new documents released by the lawsuit, we learn that Activision is also not in favor of putting releases on subscription services like Game Pass either.

Microsoft has been pushing hard to boost its subscription services, most notably Game Pass, which offers a wide selection of downloadable and streaming games for an affordable monthly fee.

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Given that the company ensures the simultaneous release of new games in stores and Game Pass, many fear that the same could happen after the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, damaging the profits that games offer in the current model, in addition to also restricting the possibility of expanding competing services such as PlayStation Plus.

In another session of responses to questions from the competition authority in the United Kingdom, a document with more than 111 pages produced by Microsoft states that this is not a concern, because if the merger is approved, Activision Blizzard has no plans to place the your games on any service.

Microsoft says that, currently, there is an agreement between Activision and Sony that prevents Call of Duty franchise games from entering Game Pass and considering that even games from previous years still sell well today, Activision does not want to lose those sales. .

Microsoft recalls that Activision has not put any of its games on the various services and since it has no plans to do so, the acquisition will not be competitively detrimental.

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The owner of Xbox says that after reviewing Activision Blizzard documents and testimonials from employees, there are no plans to change its stance in the future.

Activision is concerned that participating in subscription services could affect sales and “could cause brand dilution and cannibalization of pay-to-play sales (especially in new releases).”

In theory, the acquisition won’t bring any drastic changes to the market we currently know, but do you believe that Microsoft doesn’t intend to put everything on Game Pass once the current deals expire? Will Activision’s wish be respected?

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