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Active animals: The pictures of the week (week 39)

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Wild animals in front of the camera – not that easy. Our gallery photographers cleared quite a few hurdles.

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Animals are exciting but also unpredictable motifs. In the wilderness in particular, photographers have to resort to a number of tricks in order to skilfully capture the shy creatures on the sensor. Nikkonwolf uses sugar water to attract wasps, Peter Engel and PixelÄsthetik take photos from hide huts for photographers and Alexander Kadow travels to Spitsbergen to meet his arctic fox, Bernd Seibel to Zingst for his “boss”.

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However, the photo week started with two architectural photos that were artistically alienated by the photographers Radonart and M. Bayer using image processing. All pictures of the day from this week can be found again in our gallery.

The pictures of the week (week 39/22) (7 pictures)

picture on Saturday

Harbor and Cologne Cathedral: radon species is known in the voonze photo gallery for his artistic alienation of photos, which mostly use intensive colors, appropriately used effect filters and montage techniques. This is also the case in this photo of Cologne, which shows the port area with the cathedral in the background.

(Image: Radon species)

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