Account that pushed through messages Trump deleted by Twitter

account that pushed through messages trump deleted by twitter
account that pushed through messages trump deleted by twitter

A Twitter account that posted messages from former US President Donald Trump’s new blogging site was taken offline on Wednesday evening.

The @DJTDesk account tweeted the content of The Desk of Donald J. Trump website, a kind of microblog used by Trump to share his views. Trump was removed from various blogging and social media platforms early this year for incitement and incitement to violence.

According to the New York Post, it is not clear whether the account actually belonged to Trump. Confidants of the former president would have denied that. Twitter took the account offline because it violated the rules against circumventing a Twitter ban, the company reported to the newspaper.

Several similar accounts were taken offline over the course of Thursday.

Permanent ban

The site has permanently banned Trump from the platform. That ban will also continue if Trump were to be elected president again.

The Facebook Oversight Board announced on Wednesday that Trump may not return to Facebook or Instagram for the time being. The platform will look again in six months to see whether Trump can come back now.