Access My Citizen Folder easily with the digital certificate and your ID. It doesn’t take you even two minutes

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Do you want to centralize a good part of the procedures on your mobile and you have not yet accessed My Citizen Folder? If you don’t want to fight with the different forms of Cl@vethere is a much simpler way to access your taxpayer corner: installing the digital certificate on your mobile taking advantage of the telephone and ID. We explain all the steps.

Guaranteeing access to the administration by proving that your identity is reliable usually falls on two elements: the Cl@ve authentication system and the digital certificate issued by the National Mint and Stamp Factory. Either of the two is valid to carry out a procedure, pay a tax or confirm the draft of the Income Tax, that the declaration is here now. And both systems require different processes to acquire them, some simpler than others. The more steps you save to prove your identity, the better.

Your DNI is the perfect key for My Citizen Folder

Dni Certificate Cover

If the identity card serves to prove that you are you before the authorities in person, why not also perform this function on a virtual level? The fact is that it has been doing it since 2006, the date on which the first electronic DNI was introduced. Through its chip, and once the card was inserted into a card reader, anyone could authenticate themselves to the administration thanks to the digital certificate installed in the DNI. In 2015, and with DNIe 3.0, the NFC option was introduced; which opened the door to using the certificate from smartphones.

After this brief history of the identity card, and why it is used to identify you through your Android using NFC, it is time to discover the first steps to download the digital certificate using your card: you just need to install the FNMT application. It is a safe process, very fast, effective and most importantly: free.

Do you have the FNMT app ready? Let’s see how to download your digital certificate and install it on your mobile to later serve as an access key in My Citizen Folder.

  • Open the FNMT app and click on “Request digital certificate.”
  • Select “DNIe Reading”.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the FNMT.
  • Write your email address. It is important that it be authenticthe FNMT in

    How to access My Citizen Folder with your digital certificate

    My Certified Citizen Folder

    With the above you can show My Citizen Folder that your taxpayer space belongs to you. To do this you need to obtain access, something that is achieved with a few steps.

    • Download and install My Coiudadana Folder from Google Play Store.
    • Open My Citizen folder and click on “Access”.
    • Select “Electronic certificate.”
    • The default web browser on your mobile should open. Choose the certificate that you installed after requesting it in the FNMT app.
    • After verifying the certificate, the website will close and you will automatically enter your My Citizen Folder portal.

    If the digital certificate was correctly installed, and remained operational, you will have obtained your access to My Citizen Folder without complications. From it you can do an endless number of procedures apart from consult much of the information that the administration has about you. And they continually add new features, it’s worth having it installed and operational.

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