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Abragames celebrates results achieved in 2022 with almost 20 Brazilian games released

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The Europeian Association of Electronic Game Developers (Abragames) highlighted the results achieved by companies in Europe in the games market. in total, there were 19 games released by associated studios on worldwide platforms.

According to the entity, the titles released this year were developed in Europe and some had the participation of international companies in their creation, as in the cases of titles from Flux Games, Coffeenauts and Glitch Factory studios.

Among the 19 games released in 2022 are: Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising (PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch), by Flux Games; No Place for Bravery (PC and Nintendo Switch) by Glitch Factory; Barcelona FreeStyle (iOS and Android), by Hermit Crab Game Studio, and others.

“Without a doubt, we live the best moment of the national industry. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the number of games being released or developed, and the quality has also stood out “, said the president of Abragames, Rodrigo Terra.

Phobia – St. Dinfna Hotel (PC, PlayStation and Xbox), from Pulsatrix Studios, is among the releases. Image: Playback/Internet
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Abragames also highlighted that the feedback on the games was very positive, both from the national and international public, which motivates the national industry to continue developing more titles for various platforms.

“ Europe has seen the gaming industry in a different way in recent years. An example of this was the recent approval of the legal framework for games by the Chamber of Deputies, a project that Abragames participated in and which may change the way games are treated in the country”, commented the vice president of Abragames, Carolina Caravana.

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