About time: Twitter Blue arrives, without changes, to the Android operating system


With all that has been said about Twitter Blue, many forgot (or simply did not know) that to date it was not possible to access the service we are talking about directly from Android devices. The reason is that there was no possibility of making payments through the Play Store directly. Well, this has changed and it is now possible to do this as it happens in iOS. As of today, in the countries where Twitter Blue is already present, you can pay the corresponding subscription fee, which is the same as the existing one for Apple users: $11. Therefore, there are about three more than if you register directly on the social network using the web for it. And, the reason for this to be the case seems to be the commissions that are charged in official stores in this type of case. Given that it is not possible to eliminate them, Elon Musk’s company has decided that users assume the difference so that they receive the total that they think the service costs. Kindness in the world of technology has no limits, you see. By the way, the countries in which Twitter Blue is already active right now are the following: USA; New Zealand; Japan; Australia; Canada; And also the UK. Therefore, in the rest of the regions you will have to be patient to be able to get your improvements, but the prices will be more or less the ones indicated above. What you get with Twitter Blue Well, there are already several options that are important, which you can only get if you sign up for the payment service we are talking about. Apart from the blue identifier that appears in your account information and certifies that you are one of those who are paying the monthly fee, it is also now possible to upload longer videos and have priority in the responses that are made in some publications. There is even the possibility of enjoying a preview of what you plan to send to the social network. It’s not bad, but it remains to be seen if it’s enough for many to take the step of subscribing to Twitter Blue. But, yes, the company, now owned by Elon Musk, keeps the option of adding more differences or eliminating options, since there is no obligation to maintain what currently exists. This subscription is vital for the future of the company. The reason is clear: currently, the steps that Twitter has to take for interest due to different loans are very important, so it is considered vital that Twitter Blue is a success that allows have a stable income that ensures that everything can be paid back. And, surely, that the new owner comes up with some other way to increase income, for the account that brings him of course. >

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