A Xiaomi Box 4K is filtered that could reach Europe. As will be?

 A Xiaomi Box 4K is filtered that could reach Europe.  As will be?
a xiaomi box 4k is filtered that could reach europe.

One of the best options when it comes to adding Android TV to any television that does not have this operating system is to bet on the Xiaomi Box 4S. A 4K multimedia player that offers great performance, becoming one of the firm’s greatest sales successes.

In addition, a few months ago they presented their new Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Max player, a really powerful model that improved everything over its predecessor. The problem is that it is only available in China. for now

More than anything because, as Gizmochina colleagues report, it seems that a new streaming device just passed the FCC. We are talking about the Federal Communications Commission in the United States, an essential certification to be able to launch a product in American and European territory. Therefore, it is clear that Xiaomi is launching its Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Max in Spain.

These are the characteristics of the new Xiaomi player

Regarding this enigmatic Xiaomi Box 4K of second generation, it has model number MDZ-28-AA, in addition to being able to know part of its technical characteristics, in addition to a design that does not vary at all from that of its predecessor.

Xiaomi Box ,4K
Xiaomi Box ,4K


Although we do see a more rounded design that reminds us of the Apple TV, the multimedia player from the company with the bitten apple. Regarding the technical characteristics of this second generation Xiaomi Box 4K, we can see that it will be a model capable of reproducing content in 4K, in addition to offering a remote control, HDMI cable and adapter to connect it to the current.

At the moment we do not have more information about it, but we can assume a notable leap in quality compared to the previous model. Let us remember that the Xiaomi Mi Box 4S has a quad-core processor, accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage.

most likely the second generation Xiaomi Box 4K reaches 4 GB of RAM and also doubles its storage capacity to reach 16 GB. Regarding the possible price and release date of the next Xiaomi media player, at the moment it is a mystery, but we can assume that its staging is imminent.

More than anything because, when a device goes through the FCC, it is usually the last step before an official launch. Y,how much will the Xiaomi Box 4K cost second generation? We can expect a price of between 60 and 80 euros.


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