A website builder that creates various alternatives for the customer to choose from


I suppose this situation sounds familiar to you: a client asks for a web page with a description, a couple of links, a photo, two buttons and contact information. We create a design, he doesn’t like it, we make another one, he doesn’t like it, we make another one, he likes it. You have to do several designs until you find the right one, and that is something that a platform does automatically for us.

That’s right, Alternatives is a website in which we indicate the components we want and it creates several web designs for us to show them to the client. Once he decides on the style, we can start building the site.

Available at https://shuffle.dev/alternatives, we just have to select the components in the left menu and see how they are assembled on the right, with arrows so we can see the different generated alternatives.

Each project can be edited in the same platform using shuffle, and opened in a new tab to see it big, with all the details.

The use license costs $24 per month, or $99 per year, a reasonable price if we take into account the time it can save us when we have several web projects per month, although it is also true that working under templates, however personalized they may be, it always has a series of limits that many clients are not willing to accept.

Still, a great idea for a world where building a website has been impressively democratized, both with the use of platforms like Wix and with the use of themes like Divi within WordPress.

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