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A test shows the resistance of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and there is a surprise

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resistance-of-the-samsung-galaxy-S23.jpg" width="980" height="565" alt="A test shows the resistance of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and there is a surprise">

Much has been said about Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra since its launch, which is one of the most powerful phones that can be found on the current market -thanks, among other things, to the fact that it uses a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with a higher frequency than usual. But what there was hardly any data about was his resistance. And this is something that has changed thanks to a test that has been recorded on video.

Last year’s model, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, scored very well when it comes to day-to-day endurance. And, therefore, it is most interesting to know if this is maintained in a device that has a high price and that, consequently, ideally, nothing ever happens to it. In addition, there are not a few who doubt that the use of recycled materials affects the resistance of the terminals and, in the case of the smartphone we are talking about, they have included double those existing in the terminal that it replaces in the market.

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Things you have to know about this Samsung phone

One of the first is that, among other things, the device includes complete protection for the use of Gorilla Glass Victus 2, so it is to be expected that the resistance it has against bumps and scratches will rise a bit. Also, making the corners a bit softer on the edge should initially allow better absorb impacts that are produced by falls that are not especially high.

Therefore, it is normal to expect that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Ultra fulfill perfectly in what has to do with resistance, something that is very important and that on many occasions is not given due importance.

Endurance test results

As you can see in the video that we leave after this paragraph in what has to do with the endurance before the impact marks or similarIt must be said that no improvement is detected compared to the previous generation, since with pressure at level six on the Mohs scale, damage begins to be noticed. But obviously the results are pretty good and I could be sure that what is usual on a day-to-day basis does not have to affect the high-end terminal from Samsung that we are talking about at all.

Another of the tests carried out on the terminal was how it supports pressure when bent, which is known as the level of torsion. Here there is an obvious advance compared to the previous generation and the resistance is magnificentAnd this is also true of something that does not usually happen, but that is still curious: the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is capable of withstand exposure to flame for one minute without flinching -since it does not suffer any degradation-.

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Definitely, meets perfectly the Samsung model when it comes to allowing those who buy it not to have to be very concerned about what happens in regular use. Another thing is the fall from a fifth floor, but there is no smartphone that can withstand it, of course.


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