A Tesla mobile? Why electric car makers now want to make smartphones

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a tesla mobile why electric car makers now want to.jpg

Another brand that is working on creating its own mobile phone is Polestar, with Meizu. It so happens that Both Polestar and Meizu belong to the same group Parent, Geely, which makes the integration of technologies much easier. The explanations given by the company are very similar to those given by Nio.

Looking for create a smartphone that allows its users to take it as an extension of the car, facilitating the use of many technologies that Google and Apple do not integrate into their phones. In this case, the Polestar mobile would use a modified version of Flyme OS, the software that Meizu uses on its smartphones. It will be an expensive mobile phone, focused on the experience together with the car rather than on features or price. We will have to see what the integration with Google turns out to be, which makes the Polestar 2, for example, one of the few cars that can be controlled from the Google assistant.

The Rumors about the possible Tesla mobile have been circulating for years, and even Elon Musk himself has spoken about it on occasion. The tycoon is clear that controlling car software is critical, so it does not allow the use of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, although there are ways to bypass that prohibition. We have seen phone designs inspired by Tesla cars, especially the Cybertruck, but we have never even seen leaks that the company was considering creating one. The closest we have seen Tesla to a smartphone is the integration it carries out through the API in brands like Nothing or OPPO, which allow us to perform certain actions from the mobile phone just as we do from the app.

But that does not mean that Tesla cannot create a mobile phone. Under the premise that it would not be a smartphone to compete with Apple and Google, the company could create a phone for its car users. It has the technological capacity, the contacts in the distribution chains, the experience with the software, the brand… Whether it would use an Android fork or its own system would be something to debate in the future, but if there is a manufacturer that can succeed in this new market that is being created, without a doubt Tesla.

Wireless charger for Tesla mobile phones

It has even created some mobile accessories, which are not related to cars, and which it simply sells taking advantage of the traction of its brand. The wireless charger for compatible mobile phones is a good example.