A Tesla Cybertruck appears on the road, stoking rumors of the start of production

One of the most anticipated vehicles is the Tesla Cybertruck. The electric truck from the electric motor giant is one of Elon Musk’s personal projects. And for this reason, the CEO of the company was especially hurt to announce a delay in the production of this pick-up due to supply problems caused by the pandemic that is hitting the entire world.

And it is that, with more than a million reservations, the Tesla Cybertruck is a model that has raised great expectations. Of course, production will not start until 2022. Or has it been advanced? This is what it looks like after seeing Tesla’s electric pick-up leisurely driving through the company’s Fremont plant.

Also, through of 4K video posted, we can see some very interesting details, such as the rear view mirrors that can be put on and taken off depending on our needs.

When will the Tesla Cybertruck arrive?

On the other hand, we see that the huge windshield wiper that covers the armored glass of the vehicle is still there. Elon Musk speculated on the possibility of using a laser beam system to clean the moon. Recall that this system would include lasers mounted on the hood, fenders and the B-pillar to clean the front and side cameras, as well as being designed to clean the windshield and the side and rear windows. Even the founder of Tesla has patented the idea, but it seems that, at least in the prototype we have seen, it will not have this element. For a future review of the Cybertruck?

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Yes indeed, Although Tesla’s electric truck is already circulating through one of its production plants, we are facing a prototype in tests, And that does not mean that they have started mass production of this vehicle.

It should also be remembered that the impressive body of the Cybertruck, baptized as ExoskeletonIt is made of stainless steel to guarantee great resistance to shocks, which has delayed the production process even more.

Tesla Roadster drivingTesla Roadster driving Tesla

Anyway, Elon Musk already announced that the production of the Tesla Cybertruck would be delayed until 2022, following the same path as other highly anticipated vehicles such as the Tesla Roadster or its impressive Semi electric truck.

Now, we will have to let the Tesla team continue to do tests to improve this electric truck to the maximum, because it is clear that, when we see the first units of the Tesla Cybertruck circulating on the street, it will be the center of all eyes.