A security update is causing problems for Windows 11 users

Windows 11 you are having problems with the security update KB5014668, which was published earlier this month. Among other problems that are being detected, very occasionally the errors cause the system boot to fall into an indefinite loop cycle.

The security update KB5014668 is supposed to, as its name suggests, improve the security of Windows 11 by patching detected vulnerabilities, although the company also takes advantage of the provision of such packages to introduce new features in the operating system.

The KB5014668 update seems to be causing headaches, seeing as the complaints have intensified over the days. Users, in case of successfully installing the update, encounter a series of error codes, which on certain occasions they lead to the system booting in a loop.

Among the failures recognized by the company are Applications supported by the .NET Framework 3.5 that do not open and issues with modal dialog boxes in Internet Explorer mode present in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has not given the appearance of reacting diligently, which has motivated affected users to use social networks to vent and report some situations such as a system menu that takes 3 seconds to open.

In the Windows 11 Reddit it is possible to find expressions such as “this update is horrible”. And how horrible is it? The person behind that statement has exposed, according to his version, that the performance of the games has suffered a degradation of between 20 and 30 percent. It’s always best to be cautious with stray comments online, but if several are heading in the same direction, there’s likely a problem to be resolved. At least it seems that by uninstalling the update one gets rid of the regressions, although that also leads to the loss of the security patches.

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Complaint about the problems that the security update KB5014668 for Windows 11 is giving

Some users have reported that disabling the .NET framework before installing KB5014668 contributes to a successful upgrade process. Another apparent way to prevent the update process from failing is to disable the Malwarebytes security solution.a situation that has put the cybersecurity company responsible for its development on guard, since having to disable a security solution to install an update, even temporarily, poses a risk to the user.

To the consolation of Microsoft and despite the trickle of cases of users who complain through the networks, it seems that for now it is not a massive problem. Despite this, this is still another episode in the history of problematic updates that began to rear its head with Windows 10. People expected Microsoft to correct this problem with version 11, it does not seem that it has not been completely corrected .

In his day, a former Microsoft engineer explained the reasons why Windows 10 has given so many problems with updates, and if the company has not changed its policy on that front, it is logical to think that Windows 11 has the same problem.