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A Samsung sound bar loses Spotify Connect because both companies have not renewed their agreement

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Music playback via Spotify Connect is no longer an option for the Samsung sound bar due to the termination of licensing agreements between the two companies. Some Samsung soundbars have Spotify Content by default. It allows users to directly stream music from Spotify without using Bluetooth. But one of Samsung’s popular soundbars, known as the HW-MS650 (Amazon), is no longer compatible with Spotify Content. The license agreements between Samsung and Spotify have expired and it seems that there has been no will between both companies to extend it. A moderator from the Samsung community in the Netherlands responded to one of the concerned owners, saying that Spotify Content is gone forever and is unlikely to return. It is true that streaming is no longer going well. This has to do with the fact that the contracts with the partners have expired and have not been renewed. Therefore, certain channels or streaming services can no longer be used. However, the Multiroom app can be used in combination with Bluetooth Of course, Samsung’s community manager says that customers can still use the Multiroom app. But Spotify Connect content is no longer available on the Samsung HW-MS650 soundbar. We still don’t know which party has decided not to renew the contract, but the news has created a sense of fear among Samsung soundbar owners.

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