A robot with AI that will walk around the house and other news from LG and Samsung for 2024

a robot with ai that will walk around the house.jpg
a robot with ai that will walk around the house.jpg

Robot hand and human hand with LG and Samsung logos

Samsung and LG are going to concentrate much of its news from CES 2024 on a clear objective: to make our home smarter. And not only that, but what they want is for us to work less, for our kitchen to be smarter than ever and for AI to become an element that gives us more free time. So, early on, it doesn’t sound bad at all. Next, we tell you what its main innovations are.



CES 2024 will be the first connection point with the technology that will hit stores throughout next year. And, as usual, manufacturers like Samsung or LG They are at the forefront to ensure that their presence at the event becomes an ideal moment to surprise users and experts. In this case, what they are preparing is all the artillery with which they will make the smart home much more comfortable. They will do this through the use of AI.

LG and its robot for a more comfortable life

We start with LG because it cannot be said that they have not convinced us with the way in which they present their new robotic assistant with AI for housework. If we close our eyes and think about what they tell us, we can imagine a robot walking through our kitchen, cleaning, organizing the shopping bags and even cooking all kinds of dishes. We’re not there yet, and for now there’s a long way to go, but LG intends to deliver that concept in a realistic way with respect to the technology we currently have available.

To do this, it has developed an agent equipped with AI that will be able to learn, move, engage in conversation with users and help us in a variety of ways. The Korean company says that its objective is a very clear vision: “zero domestic work.” That is what they want to achieve and, to achieve this, they are not going to skimp on resources. In your future you see that day when we don’t have to do absolutely anything at home, just enjoy free time when we are at home.



A child hugs a stuffed animal while LG's AI robot looks at him

For now, his creation is a child-like robot, but it already has two legs and can move around as if it were a small additional inhabitant in your home. It causes a sensation to see one of the photos published by LG where it appears looking at a child, which makes us think of a moment in which these robotic agents will have a greater relevance than imagined. in the family environment. It is equipped with the ability to interact, both speaking and moving its legs, and has the autonomy to move around the home without any problem in a much more natural way than a Roomba.

It is also equipped with AI technology with the ability to do visual and voice recognition, which prepares you to be able to read the context of situations that are occurring in the house. This will also allow you to personalize the way she will interact with each family member. The robot is connected to all the elements of the Internet of Things in the home and has sensors that enable it to be in charge of adjusting the temperature of the heating or air conditioning according to the demands of each moment.

Different images of LG's AI assistant robot

Other functions include home surveillance, being in charge of patrolling the house when no one is in it and even sending reports if at any time detects strange noises or situations. You can also monitor pets to make sure they are doing well at all times. And although when there is no one at home it is useful, when someone arrives it is still useful. Upon detecting that one of the family members is arriving home, the robot appears at the door and welcomes them. It optimizes the form of the greeting after instantly analyzing the mood of each human and also uses this to play music that can help improve the situation.

Although we do not know what LG’s roadmap is for the launch of the robot, the good news is that it already will be present at CES 2024. Attendees will be able to see it and have their first moments of interaction with it to test everything the manufacturer promises.

Samsung with a traditional approach

Maybe after having known the LG robot, everything that Samsung shows you seems a little cold. But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way. The other Korean company, a leader in many of the sectors in which it has a presence, focuses on the use of AI and Smart technology within a closer context. The intention is that its users benefit from improvements that can be seen instantly and that are aimed at improving day-to-day life quickly.

One of its novelties is the Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator, a new model of the advanced refrigerator that the brand presented in 2016, but which has been equipped with AI. Uses AI Family Hub+ technology to make sure you notice improvements from the moment you turn it on for the first time. It has, for example, a camera equipped with Vision AI that is capable of recognizing the food found inside and, using millions of photographs, knowing whether it is in good condition or not.

Samsung's advanced Smart refrigerator model for 2024

If you don’t want to leave that type of task in the hands of the AI, another thing you can do is use its control panel and screen and enter the expiration date of the food What do you put inside the refrigerator? For example, if you have just bought a container of bologna and it expires on the 28th, you will leave the information entered and then the refrigerator will take care of notifying you when the date is about to pass. This is very convenient, since we rarely check the dates of everything in the refrigerator and, in the end, we always end up throwing away food that has expired without us realizing it.

Another of their proposals is an induction cooker that has a screen on which we can view the recipes of the dishes that we are going to prepare. Everything is connected to the Family Hub+ app to make it easier to access to the necessary information. Regarding the use of AI, it will be applied in different ways. One of them will be by letting artificial intelligence take a look at the ingredients we have and, based on that, propose recipes that we can cook. These will be customized in many ways, such as gluten-free dishes or other ideas that fit specific diets.

AI system that detects food inside the Samsung refrigerator

The AI ​​will also take care of giving us recommendations depending on the type of food we like and will even connect with our Samsung Health profile to tell us which dishes would be best for us in order to take care of our state of health. In this way, the use of artificial intelligence will be practical and designed so that it is possible to benefit from its advantages in a simple way. In addition to this, the aforementioned refrigerator screen can be used not only to mirror Galaxy smartphones, but also with the intention of using video apps such as YouTube.



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