A robot that melts into a puddle after spying on information

robot charco.jpg
robot charco.jpg

I have already spoken on several occasions about soft robots, robots that can change shape to perform different activities, but this case is really surprising.

It is a spy robot that melts, designed to gather information, get into secret places, and melt into an oily puddle after being exposed to ultraviolet light or heat.

The design (yes, at the moment it is a design with a small prototype) has been published in arXiv, where we can read that one of its uses is to “gather intelligence”, or what has been spying, wow.

It has been designed by Seung-Kyun Kang of Seoul National University in South Korea, who reports that the robot is about 3 centimeters long, has four legs, and moves using pneumatic air that allows it to crumple and glide across a surface. like a worm.

It is made of silicone, and it is disposable, so we can say that it destroys itself after completing its mission. It doesn’t have to go back to its origin to deliver the stolen documents, since it will theoretically be able to send data remotely, including temperature readings. It has photodetectors to detect UV light, so that after completing the mission, it will look for a source of UV so that it transforms into an oily fluid that is not very suspicious.

what can it be used for

In BGR they focus on it as the spy robot of the moment, although for now it is only a design on paper, feasible, but only a prototype, so we can still sleep easy, since they say that it can only be a spy with all the letters inside about 20 years old.

The researchers simulated a mission to test the robot in which it had to explore an unknown environment and then destroy itself before it fell into enemy hands. The robot first took temperature readings from a heat gun and then moved to a different area using photodetectors to detect light from a UV lamp. In a third area, it alerted researchers when temperature levels were too high.

We’re used to soft robots being used for drug delivery, or to fight cancer, since they can travel to specific parts of the body, but now we’ll have to look at the ground every time we work on something top-secret, lest there’s a suspicious puddle

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