A photo shows what the new design of the Tesla Model 3 will be like, and you will love it

A photo shows what the new design of the Tesla Model 3 will be like, and you will love it
a photo shows what the new design of the tesla

At the end of last year, rumors began to be heard saying that Tesla I was working on one Model 3 update that it would be launched during the second half of 2023. It was even indicated that the project already had a code name: “Highland”. Well, an image has appeared that would be of the vehicle in question and shows part of its design.

In December 2022, a Model 3 prototype with significant camouflage was sighted in California during tests, which already caused suspicions regarding the new version to take shape. Therefore, the part front and rear of the prototype could hardly be identified. And this is something that changes with the nose of the car that is seen in the image that has been filtered.

The photo of what could be the new Tesla Model 3

The image has been posted on Reddit. Of course, there’s no way we can confirm for sure that this is really a Tesla prototype for the upgrade or a vehicle with a body kit trying to pass off as one. But the truth is that the feelings are quite positive regarding the veracity of the photo in question.


Some of the details that are appreciated is that the headlights are significantly different, and it’s unclear if the rest of the front end is updated – or if it’s just that the new headlights and lack of a Tesla badge give it a much more aggressive look, something that users always like. Regarding the new model, it has been suggested that the interior cabin will offer a greater curve on the dashboard, which would indicate that a larger screen will be used on the instrument panel (it has even been commented that there could actually be two). .

Manufacturing improvements will come

For a few years now, Tesla has been integrating its slow down manufacturing technology in the Model Y. This has allowed Tesla to greatly improve the manufacturing efficiency of this vehicle without question. But, luckily, it was known that this will no longer be the case, since Elon Musk said that the company intends to apply it to the Model 3, but did not indicate exactly when. And from the looks of it this may be the chosen moment.

If so, the update to Model 3 would temporarily slow down production, and Tesla couldn’t afford this, since it’s in a ramp-up phase when it comes to Model Y. But, since this one is surpassing that of the Tesla Model 3, the new design would be a good moment for Elon Musk’s company to update the Model 3 using the technology.


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