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A new Top 10 arrives on Netflix: this is how the ranking works that tells you what is the most viewed

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It seems that the times when Netflix hid how much its series and movies were watched on the platform, with ambiguous answers when asked about the success of this or that production. It was difficult to imagine that, practically overnight, those of Reed Hastings were going to give a 180º turn of the steering wheel to that communication policy.

So from the platform they have announced the creation of a specific web page to check every Tuesday which are the most viewed content in different categories. And do not think that this transparency exercise is carried out in a limited way with a simple Ranking and that’s it, for nothing, with this Top 10 we will have access to round figures of viewings of practically any country in the world.

What is the most viewed in the last week?

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This new page that you can access from here, will publish every Tuesday “the hours seen from Monday to Sunday of the previous weekr for both original and licensed titles. “The platform also announced that this ranking will be broken down into lists with the top 10 movies and television series, both in English and” non-English “, ordered by country or by country. global form.

In this way, all those users who want to know what is the most viewed in France, the United Kingdom, Germany or Japan, They will be able to approach their respective list and check which are the most viewed phenomena at that moment. For now, this differentiation between English and the rest of the languages ​​will prevent content classifications only in Spanish, French or German, but Netflix warns that these will arrive in the coming months.

Yes indeed, these tops do not show numbers of users who have seen the content Instead, Netflix has chosen to use a value that they consider to be more reliable: the number of hours played. According to the platform, “the hours viewed is a strong indicator of the popularity of a title, as well as the general satisfaction of the subscribers” since it indicates the ability to stay in front of the screen. Details such as repetition are also taken into account.

With this new resource You can see how popular “The Squid Game” has been in the last week or how “La Casa de Papel” continues to dominate the top spots in non-English-language productions with all its seasons. Even “Elite” sneaks into that ranking that, from now on, will be the talk of all subscribers on Tuesday mornings.

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