A new Amazon robotic arm capable of identifying and classifying objects


No, it is not that Amazon sells a robotic arm to collect the garbage from our house, it is that the Amazon company has created an impressive robotic arm to be used to collect garbage in our cities.

Along with the famous robots used in warehouses, Amazon now has a new arm that allows it to pick and place specific objects in containers, using computer vision and artificial intelligence that identifies the different objects it is picking up.

Sparrow is its name, and it is designed to pick up items of various sizes, shapes, and materials, performing repetitive tasks that could cause harm to a human being.

It is made up of several parts, including a hydraulic-based suction system capable of lifting both light and heavy objects. It can also identify items thanks to sensors that capture their size, shape and possible barcodes, so much so that it is currently capable of identifying 65% of Amazon’s entire inventory of products.

They believe that these robots can create more jobs in the long term, since what they want is to eliminate the jobs that nobody wants to do, that of staying eight hours in front of a tape picking and sorting objects, while robot maintenance jobs appear much nicer and better paid.

Employees are learning robotics and mechatronics concepts in a 12-week program covered by Amazon, followed by 2,000 hours of on-the-job training and industry-recognized certifications, resulting in many people being able to relocate to different positions within the company.

You can learn more about this robotic arm at aboutamazon.com.

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