A judge dismisses a class action lawsuit against Apple

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43283 84043 210720 flexgate xl.jpg

Apple received a temporary pardon this week because a federal judge dismissed a class action lawsuit. This lawsuit was targeting reported MacBook Pro display issues dating back to 2018.

Judge dismisses class action lawsuit against Apple over MacBook Pro display issue

District Judge Edward Dávila issued a ruling Monday that threw out the plaintiffs’ claims. Claiming that Apple was aware of an alleged flaw in its MacBook Pro line dubbed by the media as “stage light” or “flexgate.”

In his ruling, Judge Dávila concluded that the class did not argue that the alleged guilt represented a safety hazard, Law360 reports. The class also did not successfully push forward the claims that Apple was aware of and withheld the alleged failure of the part from customers.

Users first noticed the problem in 2018. When various MacBook Pro models made between 2016 and 2017 began to exhibit dark spots on the bottom edge of their displays. The effect, reminiscent of theater stage lighting, was later dubbed “stage light.”

Although Apple has not publicly commented on the matter, the independent repair company iFixit; In his own investigation, he said that a thin flexible cable was to blame for the problem. According to iFixit, the cables that Apple used to connect the display to the MacBook Pro’s display controller were faulty. Also, they would deteriorate with regular use. Constant opening and closing of the laptop screen would cause the flex cables to break. Which would result in a “stage light” and, in some cases, permanent damage.

The problem affected the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro models. Apple introduced a MacBook Pro with a display flex cable together in 2018, an apparent attempt to fix the problem.