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A hidden icon in the Google Camera app suggests that the Pixel Fold is still alive

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We have been hearing rumors about the Pixel Fold for some time now, which will be google’s first folding smartphone.

now an icon detected in the recent camera-on-your-mobile-improve-photography-with-the-latest-version-of-gcam/">Google Camera 8.6 update has revealed a new photo mode codenamed “Jupiter”.

This mode will be accessible through a button to the left of the Switch Camera button that is used when a Pixel user wants to switch from taking photos and videos with the rear camera array to using the front camera.

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The interesting thing is that the icon of this feature that shows what appears to be a flip phone (fold on dotted line) with an arrow showing the movement that would be required to close the device.

A few months ago, we heard that Google had stopped working on the Pixel Fold due to fears that the device wasn’t good enough to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

The phone was expected to feature Google’s own Tensor chipset, and sport a 5.85-inch internal display. In this aspect, it could resemble the Oppo Find N, with a smaller internal screen than the Galaxy Z Fold4, which could carry a much larger 7.6-inch screen.

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