A handful of euros in a cable makes the difference so that the Internet works better in your home

Ethernet cable

Today, in the Ethernet network cable market, the truth is that we can find several types. However, not all of them provide us with the same advantages and, for this reason, not all of them have the same price. Although, what we must be clear about is that, for a few more euros, we can make the internet connection much better.

It is for this very reason that we want to talk to you about the different types of Ethernet network cable that you can buy for your home router. And it is that, although you do not believe it, internet connection it may also be better or worse depending on the type of cable you have right now.

What influences the network cable

First of all, we must be clear that there are different types. And not all of these have the same benefits. For this reason, depending on the one we have, the Internet connection of the devices that we connect will be better or worse. In addition, to distinguish network cables, it must be taken into account that they are cataloged and classified into categories and they are also divided taking into account what speed, frequency and download speed they give us.

It is clear that we all normally use the WiFi connection. However, if we use network cable you should know that you will have lower latency, faster download and upload speeds and, in general, a much more stable connection. On the other hand, something that not everyone knows is that if, for example, you have a 10 Gbps rate, you will need to have the appropriate network cable. Of course, not all have the same price, the more meters you have and, depending on the category, it will cost more or less.

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Ethernet network cable types

In any case, we are going to see what are the benefits that they offer us for each category type of Ethernet network cable that we can buy right now for our router:

  • CAT 5: 100 Mbps speed, 100 MHz frequency and 15.5 Mbps download.
  • CAT 5E: 1,000 Mbps speed, 100 MHz frequency and 150.5 Mbps download.
  • cat 6: 1,000 Mbps speed, 250 MHz frequency and 150.5 Mbps download.
  • CAT 6A: 10,000 Mbps speed, 500 MHz frequency and 1,250 Mbps download.
  • cat 7: 10,000 Mbps speed, 600 MHz frequency and 1,250 Mbps download.
  • CAT 7A: 10,000 Mbps speed, 1,000 MHz frequency and 1,250 Mbps download.
  • cat 8: 40,000 Mbps speed, 2,000 MHz frequency and 5,000 Mbps download.

WiFi network Ethernet cable

Best of all, having so many options to buy over the Internet, the difference between each network cable is greater depending on the meters of cable we need. However, due to the type of cable depending on the category, the difference can be around 5 or 10 euros.

In addition, even if your Internet connection is not 1 Gbps, the truth is that it never hurts to have a network cable that allows you a speed of 1,000 Mbps. This will ensure that, by having a higher capacity cable, the connection in your house will not be worse. Finally, be clear that the cables that the routers of the operators bring They have a medium or even low quality. So it is better to buy it on our own, even if we have to spend some money.

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