A Galaxy S24+ with an iPhone-like design: leaks sour Samsung’s surprises

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The OnLeaks leaker is back and lets us see the Samsung Galaxy S24+ in great detail The design of a Galaxy S24 Ultra with titanium has also been leaked


It is no longer a surprise: months before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24, all the details of the three new models are being leaked. In summer we already had several rumors that pointed to aesthetic changes in the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but as the weeks went by we have had more information.

Thus, we know that the S24 Ultra screen will be flat or that the zoom will be cut in half. Now, we already know the third member of the family, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus with a rear similar to that of the S23+ and some sides that sound familiar to us having seen them on the iPhone. The Galaxy S24 Ultra has also been leaked in recent hoursbut in his case there are fewer surprises.

Galaxy S24+ with flat edges and a more industrial overall design

A few days ago, OnLeaks and SmartPrix (two leakers) showed the first renders that anticipated the design of the base model, the Galaxy S24. The rear is practically identical to that of the Galaxy S23 the screen is still flat and seems to have more used frames, but what caught the eye were the sides.

And the fact is that, with the rounded sides, It seems that Samsung will move to iPhone-style flat sides (curious when in the iPhone 15 Pro They are still flat, but with a more marked rounded finish than in previous generations). Now, however, it is OnLeaks and GizNext who have published a 3D video, photos and some features of the Galaxy S24+.

The screen would be Dynamic AMOLED with a diagonal of 6.7 inches and will remain flat, as in the previous generation. And, basically, it will be a larger Galaxy S24 with a larger battery. It seems that Samsung will once again differentiate its base and Plus models by screen size and battery capacity.

And the sides, yes, are very iPhone, even with a very similar location for the UWB antenna that Apple mobile phones have, for example, in the United States. For the rest, the Galaxy S24+ would have dimensions of 158.5 x 75.9 x 7.75 millimeters and the interior will depend on the market, but it seems that Samsung will once again bet on the duality of the SoC.

In some markets (the United States, for example) it would mount the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 while in other markets (such as Europe) they would once again opt for their Exynos, the 2100.


A continuous Galaxy S24 Ultra, but refining certain details

On the other hand, OnLeaks and Smartprix have also given all the details of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The most interesting thing at the design level is that Samsung will take advantage, as in the base models, of the front to offer thinner and, according to the leak, symmetrical bezels.

We already knew that the screen would be flat, but according to the video that shows the leak, it seems that it has a slight curvature on the sides just to hide the bezel and The UWB antenna of the S24 and S24+ will also be on this model.

and it is expected that Samsung also adopts titanium to make the S24 Ultra somewhat lighter. Betting on this material, as we said in the analysis of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, has allowed us to reduce the weight of the terminal a little, so it will not be badly received.


Regarding the rest of the features, a 6.8-inch LTPO AMOLED panel is expected with a maximum brightness of 2,200 nits, the same processor configuration as the other two members of the family, 5,000 mAh and a 200 Mpx main camera with a 12 Mpx wide angle, a 10 Mpx 3x telephoto lens and a 50 megapixel 5x telephoto lens.

In any way, As we always tell you, it’s about filtration And, no matter how much basis they have due to both the company’s precedents and the reliability of those who have leaked it, we have to wait for the official presentation at the end of January or beginning of February of next year to know all the details.

Now, taking this pace into account, it would not be surprising if in a few weeks we know the three Galaxy S24 models in detail.

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