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Jotterbit is a web-based platform for those who want to share their ideas, thoughts, experiences, and more in the most private way possible. It is a digital personal diary platform in which the security and privacy of what is written in each diary is guaranteed.

In this regard, in addition to the username and password of the user account, users must establish a second password that they will have to keep safe, and that the platform will use to encrypt the diary to make it more secure where neither their own platform will be able to access the content published on it.

This means that if by any chance this second password is lost, it will be impossible to access the journal. Once inside the diary, users will find a fairly simple and practical experience to write their notes, to which they can also add images if they wish, as well as being able to add several notes per day.

The secrets in safekeeping

Within this distraction-free experience, in which there are no advertisements either, there are also mechanisms to move between different dates and access the notes published on different days.

Point out that the platform is completely free, where in less than a minute, users can already have their accounts and start writing their diaries. In its current state, it does not have more options, but it is possible that payment experiences may arrive in the future.

Proof of this possibility is that it currently offers 50MB of space per day, which suggests that at some point new needs may arise that can be covered through subscription options, since it currently does not have any monetization method.

In this regard, the creator points out on Reddit that:

The goal is to keep core functionality free forever. If the costs become prohibitive, I’ll consider paid plans for people who upload a lot of photos or whatever, as I think is fair.

The good thing about having a newspaper on the web is that it is possible to access it from any place where you have a device with Internet access, so you will not have to move any physical element.

Time will tell us how this interesting platform evolves and if it comes to host new features in the future.

Link: Jotterbit

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