A free 55″ 4K HDR TV in exchange for permanent advertising, this is Telly


Can you imagine being able to have a 55-inch television with a 4K HDR resolution in your living room completely free of charge in exchange for receiving advertising on a secondary screen permanently? In the times in which we live, it would not be strange for it to exist, and even more so with the success that free television platforms such as Pluto TV are having to the detriment of DTT, and also given the need for advertising to be able to reinvent itself to continue appealing to potential consumers.

Well, this television option is, from todaya reality and it is offered by Telly, a company launched by the co-founder of Pluto TV, Ilya Pozin, and which consists of a television with a 55-inch main screen that will also have a secondary screen, considered as a smart screen, in which display advertising permanently as well as a variety of widgets, such as news, weather information, among other possibilities.

Between the two screens there will be a sound bar that will also integrate a webcam and a microphone to carry out video conferences through Zoom, among other possibilities. However, when the user stops watching television, the main screen will also serve as an advertising medium, generating new advertising experiences.

TellyOS, your operating system

You also have to consider that this TV has its own operating system called TellyOS, which is currently not compatible with third-party video streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, etc.

But to solve the situation, the TV has a free Android TV 4K dongle to choose to use any video streaming platform you want, although like any other TV, users can connect another video streaming device they want.

In this regard, the device has three HDMI inputs, two USB inputs and, of course, a built-in tuner to watch traditional TV channels.

Option not suitable for those concerned about their privacy

Regarding privacy, according to The Verge, it is not suitable for those who want to protect their privacy and private life, since Telly says that “it can collect information about the audio and video content you watch, the channels you views and the duration of your viewing sessions”, along with interactions such as searches, buttons pressed, as well as “physical presence of you and anyone else using the TV at any given time”.

Those who choose not to collect their data will not be able to access the services and may even have to return the unit received, and if they do not, Telly will automatically charge the amount of $500.

It has a series of services and its own voice assistant

And speaking of services, Telly also offers games and audio playback through various services, still publicly unknown, and also has its own voice assistant that will be invoked through “Hey Telly”, which will currently serve to set alarms and other things. further.

A rewards program will come later which, among other things, will allow users to receive a free access bonus for a period of time to some video streaming platforms, among other possibilities.

500,000 units waiting to be distributed

The company already has some 500,000 units of its television waiting to reach future owners throughout this coming summer. Those interested will only have to go to the website freetelly.com and reserve their unit, although we do not know if the company will also offer it in international markets.

Link/Image Credit: Telly