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A computer keyboard as futuristic as possible comes to Kickstarter

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In general, when purchasing a keyboard for your computer, you have to look to ensure that it has the layout of the keys in your own language, that it is comfortable to use over time, that it works for all the applications that you are going to use. , and compatible with a variety of systems to the extent possible.

Now, a Kickstarter campaign wants to raise funds for the Flux Keyboard, a computer keyboard completely different from what we’ve seen so far.

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And it is that it is a keyboard that allows you to adapt the keys both to the language itself, as well as to the system that is being used, as well as the application that you want to run at any time, showing the keyboard shortcuts that allow you to be more efficient with the tasks.

quite customizable

With this, you can say goodbye to stickers for the keys, to buy keyboards for specific applications, the latter taking place a lot when editing videos on the computer, and to thinking about whether the keyboard is compatible with Windows or macOS, or both. .

And it is that the magic of Flux Keyboard is that it is based on an adaptable FullHD IPS screen that, in addition to showing key layouts, keyboard shortcuts, and other advantages, allows complete customization by allowing the choice of the background image.

In addition, this keyboard model admits interchangeable modules to expand its possibilities, which can be integrated magnetically, allowing up to 256 different combinations, and in terms of comfort of use, users can customize the activation level of the keys individually .

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In the campaign he tells us that:

Each key is suspended by two pairs of magnets that act like a spring providing the return force and a satisfying low-friction travel on either the tactile or linear switch varieties. The position of each key is detected by Hall effect sensors placed below the screen.

And they add that:

Hall effect sensors measure the strength of magnetic fields. They can be incredibly accurate and are often used in applications where high reliability is a priority. The sensors used in the Flux keyboard do not act as switches, but can instead detect the precise position of each key.

In other words, there is no need to think about whether to opt for a membrane keyboard or a mechanical keyboard, and also:

The point at which the keystroke is triggered can be customized in 0.1mm increments for each key individually. Earlier actuation means quicker response as there is less distance to travel. Post actuation can prevent incorrect clicks of certain keys.

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This can also mean that it is not necessary to think about whether the keyboard is going to be used to play as the main activity or to write documents (if ChatGPT and the like do not get in the way before).

easy maintenance

And if you have to forget about it, it’s also the dirt that usually accumulates on conventional keyboards, since Flux Keyboard is designed to make it easy to clean, just remove the key frame to clean it and put it back on the base of the device.

What we will have to look at is having the appropriate key frame, with two possible options, where the first allows 84 keys and the second 85 keys, these options being compatible with the device.

Undoubtedly, one of the most futuristic keyboards available today, and it is best to access the campaign website to obtain all the details of this impressive device.

Learn more: Flux Keyboard

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