A charity dinner for Ukraine in a “metaverse”

The Global Metaverse that Facebook announced last year doesn’t exist yet, let’s make that clear. It is a very interesting idea that we could see implanted within several years all over the world, when millions of people can connect to the same digital world in Virtual Reality, but at the moment there are only a few local projects, very limited, only available to those who They have VR goggles and are curious to see what’s going on there.

For the metaverse, as they sell it, to become a reality, the involvement of thousands of companies that develop initiatives in Virtual Reality will be necessary, and millions of users who can buy cheap VR glasses of sufficient quality so that they can enjoy the promises of it. On the other hand, it can’t just be a place where people can spend money, it needs to offer real opportunities to earn it too.

The fact is that, until all of this is achieved, original local projects continue to come out that use the trend of the concept to present an idea, and a charity dinner in 3D is the one that they have presented to us today, although it does not use Virtual Reality, it is simply a 3D virtual world.

This is the first charity dinner organized in this way, a dinner that will take place on June 20 and aims to raise funds for Ukraine.

Several NGOs will participate, as well as the actor Antonio Resines and the artist Javier Mariscal.

To participate you have to register in this form, so that on the 20th we can enter the Uttopion metaverse and make our donations. Remember that VR glasses are not necessary, with a computer you can already participate.

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These donations may be made in two ways, by transfer or buying an NFT unique of the pieces that Javier Mariscal has donated.

All attendees will be able to talk to each other, as well as with the organizers. They tell us in a note that a typical Ukrainian recipe will be prepared before holding Javier Mariscal’s NFT auctions, but you can already imagine that the dinner is digital, not real food.

If you want to make a donation, and at the same time check what can be done today with this technology, it is a good opportunity.