A bit of protection from the cloud: Microsoft is launching its Azure Firewall Basic

a bit of protection from the cloud microsoft is launching.png
a bit of protection from the cloud microsoft is launching.png

Some companies don’t need many firewall features for their cloud applications. This is exactly where Microsoft wants to score with its new Basic version.


Microsoft is launching a new basic version of the Azure Firewall specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The service is intended to monitor and secure the booked cloud services without administrators having to spend a lot of time configuring the firewall – Microsoft expects a setup to take a few minutes.

The firewall should only monitor applications, but not ports and network protocols. The latter is both reserved for the standard and premium versions. In addition, the data processing of the Basic service is limited to a maximum of 250 Mbps. Furthermore, it only warns of recognized dangers, the other licenses offer here, among other things, intelligent filtering.

Overall, the Azure Firewall Basic lacks many features – but this is reflected in the significantly lower price for deployment. However, more fees are charged per GB of data processed than with Standard and Premium. Companies that want to protect a few cloud services fundamentally and without great effort can now book the preview.

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