Netflix’s “Wounded Hearts”, Why It’s The New Romantic Drama Everyone Is Watching

Netflix's “Wounded Hearts”, Why It's The New Romantic Drama Everyone Is Watching
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Who said that love must be selfless? Can love arise after an actor of convenience? These are some of the premises that the new romantic drama wounded hearts proposes and with which it has managed to capture the attention of the audience in its first weekend of release.

This original feature film Netflixmade by sophia carson Y Nicholas Galitzine was released last Friday and in just three days it has already become the most viewed on Colombia Y Peru.

The premise of this film is based on the novel by Tess Wakefield (Purple Hearts), focuses on two adults in their 30s, she Cassiean aspiring singer who dreams of success and recognition, while he, Lukean aspiring marine, recovering drug addict who wants to straighten out his life and therefore enlists in the Navy to show his father that he wants to change.

One night they both meet in a bar where Cassie she is a waitress and Luke He is accompanied by his friends. While he tries to flirt with her, she ends up rejecting him after her friends’ sexist comments.

Although their first meeting was unfortunate and it seems that nothing could exist between them, the truth is that life brings them together again, when both decide that their present can improve if they get married and it is not that the spark of love has arisen between them , the truth is that the marriage contract could get them out of trouble.

This link will Cassie who is sick with Type I Diabetes can have health insurance and with that they can cover their medicine for free, to Luke This union represents extra money that the government gives to married couples who enlist in the army, with this money the young man will be able to pay the debts he has with a dangerous drug trafficker.

Although initially this marriage was born from the interest of both to improve their own lives, the truth is that life will put them to the test. During the stay of Luke in Iraqthe couple maintains communication and video calls because they must appear to be in love, otherwise they could discover the farce and end up in jail.

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Although the couple’s plan was to be married for a while and then get divorced, the truth is that the constant communication will cause a complicity to arise between the two that later becomes affection and finally love.

Sofia Carson, in addition to starring, also produced and co-wrote the songs of "Corazón malheridos" (Reuters)
Sofia Carson, in addition to starring, also produced and co-wrote the songs of “Corazón malheridos” (Reuters)

What none of them counted on was that during the time Iraq, Luke he is wounded so he must return home to be in the medical care and under the supervision of his wife, while she continues to work, treat her illness and take care of her husband, that is, as the marriage vows state, “in the health and in sickness”.

Eventually the Marine Corpss finds out about the charade, Luke loses everything and has to serve a prison sentence. On the other hand, all the dreams of Cassie come true: his band takes off and opens for Florence + the Machine.

In 2021 Nicholas Galitzine starred alongside Camila Cabello in "Cinderella".  (Prime Video)
In 2021 Nicholas Galitzine starred alongside Camila Cabello in “Cinderella”. (Prime Video)

It will be at this moment that she realizes that she is in love with her false husband. In addition to Carson and Galitzine, the rest of the cast consists of Chosen Jacobs, John Harlan Kim, Anthony Ippolito, Kat Cunning, Sarah Rich, Scott Decker Y Linden Ashby.

wounded hearts it is Directed by the creator of dead to me , Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaumfrom a screenplay co-written by Kyle Jarrow Y Liz Garcia. The producers are Elysa Dunton Y Leslie Morgenstein. Carson, Rosenbaum Y amy baerWith Hugo Grumbar Y Tim HaslamThey are the executive producers. Also, Carson he co-wrote and performed the film’s original soundtrack.

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