Your Samsung Galaxy will have recycled parts when you repair it and it could even work out cheaper

Your Samsung Galaxy will have recycled parts when you repair it and it could even work out cheaper
your samsung galaxy will have recycled parts when you repair

Samsung plans to put more effort into recycling components with the idea of ​​using them in the repair of Samsung Galaxy. According to specialized media, the brand is looking for a certified recovery company that ensure the recycling of those still valid parts of phones. This greater reuse would mean significant savings in costs and in the waste generated.

The mobile phone industry has been improving processes in order to be more sustainable: both by reducing the use of metals that are not environmentally friendly and by reducing packaging and, not without some (and logical) controversy, even eliminating earphones to the chargers. With the greater incentive of the different governments in the right to repair, companies like Google or Samsung offer official components for anyone to fix their phone. And Samsung itself wants to go one step further.

Reused components to minimize waste

Samsung Recycled

Metals (even gold) can be extracted from each mobile phone that is taken for recycling, as well as the plastic of the casings and components that, despite being second-hand, they are still useful as a base for mobiles that are taken to be repaired. There is a whole market that moves recycled components as spare parts. So why not promote this use in support services as well?

According to the Korean media Business Korea, Samsung is carrying out a plan with which it intends to reuse the components of its smartphones to give them a second life in the repairs carried out by its support services. Said recycling would be carried out by a specialized and certified company.; company that Samsung would not yet have determined.

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Samsung will ensure quality in recycled components guaranteeing its performance at the same level as that offered by unworn spare parts. As the recycling program begins, which in principle should be ready during the first half of 2022, Samsung hopes to cut costs not only for the company itself, but also for users who access repairs. As Business Korea progresses, a recycled screen would cut the repair price in half.

Samsung already recycles part of the devices for its new models. The packaging is made of recycled cardboard, for example; with recycled plastic from fishing nets found in the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro.

Via | Business Korea