The curious invention to control your smartphone while you are showering


Mobile controls for the shower

This mobile accessory sticks to the screen and allows you to control multimedia playback by simply pressing the buttons.

The mobile accessories market is huge, and you can find all kinds of devices, including some that are capable of converting your mobile into a device capable of doing electrocardiograms or ultrasounds, among other things. In the same way, there are also accessories with more mundane purposes.

And there is one that is capable of solving one of the small problems that arises for all those people who play music on their cell phone while they shower, since Allows you to pause music, change songs and much more without having to touch the smartphone.

This will prevent it from filling with water, since not all of them are splash resistant. His name is Taito Shower Mixerand it has a compact size, ideal for sticking it to the wall, and enough autonomy to be able to use it for many days.

Controls in the shower

Many people play music or the radio on their cell phone while taking a shower, and there are times when it is not strange that they feel like changing the song, or even stopping the music, but it is difficult to do it with wet hands, especially while it is falling. water on top.

This is the problem that this device is designed to solve, which is shaped like a pill and has 6 buttons, one to turn it on, another two to raise and lower the volume and to advance or rewind the song, while the last button allows you to pick up calls, although to be heard when the user speaks, it would also be a good idea to turn off the water in the shower.

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Connection with the Taito Shower Mixer mobile

It has Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, a somewhat old version, but for this type of use it is more than enough. Its battery gives it a autonomy of around 6 hours, which means that it can be on during many showers, although it will have to be turned off when leaving. It charges using its USB Type C connection.

Its price on Kickstarter is only 23 euros, and it can be a great accessory, since thanks to its suction cup on the back it is capable of attaching to a wall tile easily, without problem and then removing it and being able to carry it comfortably or even use it in another space other than inside the bathroom.

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