99Moto: company answers questions and reveals security practices for app users

99Moto: company answers questions and reveals security practices for app users
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A 99 disclosed some of the safety practices for the modality 99 Bike. In this sense, users will be able to assess transport with motorcyclists using more than 50 security tools available in the app. They can help protect partners and passengers before, during and after travel.

Another important detail is that the company revealed that more than 99.99% of the races carried out were finished without security incidents. As for technologies, some examples of functionalities include checking and validating registrations, in addition to trip sharing.

99 was also in charge of answering some questions, clarifying questions about restrictions on taking passengers. In this case, the person must be over 18 years old and the trip is limited to two people, following the law. Also, check out the other answered questions:

Is the passenger obliged to have his own helmet? What happens if he doesn’t?

The use of helmets is mandatory for both motorcyclists and passengers. 99 recommends that the motorcycle partner has an extra helmet or that the passenger has his own, so if the passenger does not have his own helmet, it is important to discuss the matter with the motorcycle partner through the application’s chat. If anyone on the motorcycle is missing a helmet, it will not be possible to proceed with the trip, since the equipment is a mandatory item by law. In these cases, cancellation can be carried out by the rider, without penalty.

What to do in cases of disabled passengers?

In these cases, extra attention is recommended. The trip through the 99Moto application can continue without restrictions as long as the condition presented does not jeopardize the safety of both during the race or make it unfeasible to use the category. If it is not possible to use 99Moto, the passenger can opt for modes that offer transport by car, such as 99Pop.

Are there guidelines to be given to passengers before the race?

Yes, especially if it’s the passenger’s first time. The motorcycle partner must guide him on the correct way to get on the vehicle and the importance of holding, throughout the journey, the rear handles installed below the seat to maintain support and balance, use the helmet with the visor down and follow the movement of the driver in manoeuvres. This information will help keep the trip safe for both of you.

Can I chat during the motorcycle trip?

Avoiding talking during the trip helps the rider partner to keep full attention to the traffic, which is essential in any situation. It is an activity that requires constant focus and distractions can result in an accident.

What other items are mandatory for a safe trip?

Motorcycle riders and passengers are required to wear closed shoes, keep their helmet visors down and wear suitable protective clothing. Such measures are in accordance with the current Europeian Traffic Code and the National Traffic Council.

Can the motorcyclist perform another type of service during a race for 99Moto?

It is prohibited, on the same route, to carry a passenger at the same time as the delivery service of goods and objects. It is allowed to work for categories 99Moto and 99Delivery, but never simultaneously.

Is there a shipping weight limit? Can I bring backpacks, boxes and other items?

Carrying weight capacity varies by motorcycle. 99 recommends not taking items that could impair the driving of the vehicle or that occupy the hands, preventing the passenger from holding the safety handles, putting the safety of both at risk. Domestic animals or luggage are not allowed in the modality.

What to do in case of an accident during a race for 99moto?

All users are protected in races carried out by 99. From acceptance to completion of races, passengers and partner drivers are covered by personal accident insurance. The first step is to contact the 99 team, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the application itself.

More on 99: Check out the feature results 99Pay implemented by the platform, in addition to the safety feature for drivers that displays a photo of the passenger.

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