92% of programmers in the United States already use Artificial Intelligence

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In today’s digital age, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are transforming the world of programming in ways never before imagined. According to a recent GitHub survey, 92% of developers in the US are already taking advantage of AI in their daily work (I’m guessing the remaining 8% are those dentists in the ads).

Artificial Intelligence in software development

The study conducted by GitHub and Wakefield Research reveals that the 70% of programmers they believe that AI offers significant benefits to their code. A positive impact is perceived in terms of better code quality, accelerated production and a decrease in incidents at the production level.

The debate between quantity and quality

Despite these benefits, there are certain fears emerging in the developer community. Many believe that AI tools could lead to a focus on mass production of code at the expense of quality. Developers prefer to have their ability to solve problems and improve their communication skills evaluated, instead of focusing solely on the quantity of their production.

Challenges in reviewing AI-generated code

AI-generated code presents particular challenges. Many developers have a hard time explaining AI-generated code because they didn’t write it themselves. While AI can generate code, without understanding the underlying problem or code logic, quality can be compromised.

Delays in builds and tests: a hurdle still present

Despite advances in AI and DevOps, which is a working philosophy for integrating development and IT operations, developers continue to face delays waiting for builds and tests. These delays hinder your ability to learn new skills and devise solutions to unique problems.

AI in programming: a tool, not a substitute

The integration of AI into programming is undoubted, but it is not replacing developers. Instead, it is helping to improve productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction when used properly.

AI, used correctly, can facilitate collaboration on projects, freeing up time for security reviews, planning, and partner scheduling. The challenge lies in finding the right balance to ensure that AI tools are used to improve the quality of work, rather than just increasing the amount of code produced.

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