9 tips so that your smart vacuum cleaner doesn’t do more work than it takes away

9 tips so that your smart vacuum cleaner doesn't do
9 tips so that your smart vacuum cleaner doesn't do

Smart vacuum cleaners have become extremely popular in Spain, but you have to know how to use them and, above all, prepare the house.

In recent years we have seen how almost all electronic devices have become smart . We experienced it with smartphones first, then with watches and televisions , and later with other devices, such as vacuum cleanersHandheld vacuum cleaners are still sold today, even high-end ones like the Samsung Jet 90 , but the Roomba type are the most common.

iRobot, the company that designed the Roomba, was the one that kicked off this industry, in a similar way to what the iPhone did for smartphones . Currently, dozens of companies sell vacuum cleaners of this type in Spain, low-profile cylinders capable of cleaning the house on their own, and some can even mop.

But using these devices is not as simple as plugging them in and expecting them to do all the work , at least if when you return home you want everything vacuumed and the vacuum cleaner in the charging base ready for another round of cleaning. That is why certain things must be taken into account when using these devices.

Vacuuming smartly

When buying a vacuum cleaner of this type, it is important to know how they work, read the instructions or, at least, make things easy for you when vacuuming and cleaning. That is why you have to do some things before and others after the device has been around the house.

Open the doors . It may seem obvious, but for the vacuum cleaner to clean well, you must leave the doors completely open. The key part is not the opening, but that they have to be touching the wall. If they are half open, it is possible that the vacuum cleaner enters, cleans the room, and when leaving, closes the door by mistake, leaving yourself locked in that room.

Collect the cables . Something similar happens with the cables that are usually kept in the living room furniture, in the office, the chargers on the bedside table. Whenever you are going to vacuum one of these products, you must check that there are no cables or, better yet, have the house designed so that there is never a loose cable that can get tangled in the brushes and block the vacuum cleaner.

Sneakers and clothes . The same thing happens with slippers and shoes that may be around the house, or with clothes that may have fallen out of the hamper in the bathroom, or wherever you have them. This may also block the vacuum cleaner, similar to how cables do.

 Position of the charging base . Although current vacuum cleaners are capable of scanning the floor of the home quite effectively, they can sometimes have problems finding the charging base, especially if it is placed in a place that is difficult to access. The manufacturers themselves advise that there be nothing in one square meter around, but this requirement is not always considered.

Cleaning the vacuum cleaner . Some very advanced models have a base capable of emptying the vacuum tank, but this is not normal. That means you have to empty it when you finish cleaning. It may not be necessary to do it every time, because the cleaning surface is not very large, or because you vacuum daily. The same should be done with the brushes, especially if the inhabitants of the house have long hair, because it can cause blockage and a worse cleaning experience.

It is also important to control the condition of the HEPA filter, which is responsible for filtering the air when it is vacuumed to prevent particles from passing back into the environment. This accessory is changed every certain number of cleanings, and can be purchased independently.

Use virtual barriers . There may be areas of the house that you do not want the vacuum cleaner to enter, for various reasons. Most models have software that allows virtual barriers to be placed in rooms or areas within them. This can be useful if there is an area in question where the vacuum always gets stuck when cleaning.

Organize furniture . If necessary, it may be a good idea to move the chairs up to the table in the dining room, or move certain furniture so that cleaning can be more effective. Obviously, the most convenient thing would be to buy furniture with enough space underneath for the vacuum cleaner to pass and clean even in those places.

Be careful with the scrubbing . If the model being used has a scrubbing system, remember to fill the tank when it is low and be careful where you are going to clean it. Many models have sensors that know when they are on a rug or carpet and do not scrub, but if this is not the case, you have to take that into account.

Programming and voice commands. There are people who prefer to be at home while operating smart vacuum cleaners, and others who want them to do the job while they are away. In this second case, if we have forgotten to program a routine, it can always be activated from the application or by using voice commands, when they are compatible with the Google assistant or Amazon assistant.

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