86 Google Play offers: free applications and games with great discounts for a short time

86 google play offers free applications and games with great.webp.webp.webp
86 google play offers free applications and games with great.webp.webp.webp

The weekend is on the horizon and while it arrives you can rejoice with our Google Play offers. They are a unique opportunity to get free apps, games and paid icon packsin addition to other very discounted ones.

8 free Android applications


We start the compilation with the paid applications, games and icon packs that you can get for free and forever. The list this week is a little sparse, but you can give a chance to Math Shot with 10,000 downloads and the notes app, One Swipe Notesyou might also be interested.




78 discounted Android apps


Chameleon Run

We continue with other premium applications, games and icon packs that are exceptionally discounted. Some interesting options on the list are Monopolyseveral Romance SaGa, FRAMED either Chameleon Run.




More offers?

If after all these free applications our Friday section falls short, you can stay up to date with the main offers for all operating systems through our colleagues at Applesphere and Xataka Mobile. You can also see the best prices on mobile phones and accessories in our Bargain Hunting today.

We remind you that the comments, as always, are open so you can add the Google Play offers you find. And if you want more, see you next week. Good weekend to everyone!

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