79% of professionals would rather change jobs than lose their home office, says survey

79% of professionals would rather change jobs than lose their home office, says survey
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Remote work is a format that became popular in companies after the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, a situation that forced the corporate segment to find a viable solution to social isolation measures. As a result, the price of accessories and peripherals such as mice, keyboards, webcams and headphones soared, marking the beginning of a new era.

According to data from a survey conducted by startup Revelo, about 79% of people who work from home offices would rather resign than lose the remote work system. This survey indicates that employees are used to the freedom and flexibility of remote employment, revealing a high level of satisfaction with this mode.

To have a comfortable work even at home you need to create a real home office. This can be done by purchasing electronic devices and other items such as ergonomic desks and chairs. Although the employee can customize his setup, it is the employer’s duty to provide the necessary materials for the service.

Leonel Carvalho, commercial development manager for Logitech Brasil at Unentel, comments that “with the ‘normalization’ of remote work in recent years, little has been said about how the supply of equipment for the home-office is the responsibility of the employer, since this is protected by article 2 of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT)

79% of professionals would rather change jobs than lose their home office.

In view of the current scenario of employees’ preference for the home office, the executive released a list mapped by Unentel with three main products that are the darlings of resellers and that employees categorize as a priority for this work format. Check out:

1st – Lenovo E14 or L14 computers: flagship equipment for professionals from the most diverse areas is the first on the priority list of employees, with preference for those that offer practicality, battery life and a fast operating system;

2° – Logitech branded wireless zone noise canceling headset: working from home without a headset has become a virtually impossible task, so it’s not news that headsets have become the primary equipment for meetings, online events, etc;

3° – Keyboard and Mouse Mx Keys Combo for Business by Logitech: in the process of bringing the office home, the keyboard and mouse, standard items in corporate offices, could not be left out of this new way of working.

Do you have a face-to-face or remote job? What do you think of the home office? Tell us, comment!

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