60MP selfie cam + OIS from the manufacturer you don’t expect – will it stimulate the market?

60mp selfie cam + ois from the manufacturer you don't
60mp selfie cam + ois from the manufacturer you don't

It won’t be the 200 megapixel main camera of the recent Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, but what it should show Infinix on his Ultra Zero it is undoubtedly remarkable. The Taiwanese manufacturer will present its Ultra Zero on October 5, but this is not even the point since Infinix does not sell its smartphones in our country, but rather its distinctive feature anticipated by the sources of colleagues of gsmarena.com.

Ultra Zero it should be the first smartphone in the world with a 60 megapixel selfie camera with optical stabilizer image. In short, Infinix is ​​preparing to go beyond what Vivo did with its V21 5G, which has a selfie cam 44 MP with optical image stabilizer. The numbers, combined with the OIS, are the most gluttonous aspect of Ultra Zero, although it must be said that alone they may not be enough: as a 200 MP camera is not necessarily better than a 50 MP one, even optical stabilization can not be a great advantage if it is ineffective, perhaps due to a poor excursion.


It is a simple consideration, ours, on the reality of things, which does not want to take away from the work of Infinix which, we repeat, will undoubtedly be remarkable and in any case demonstrates audacity. On paper, on how muchin short, here we are, we will have to see better on the realization, on the how. Vivo V21 5G we tried it (find the review here) and it impressed us: in September last year we wrote that it was probably the best selfie phone on the market.

If the indiscretion was well founded, Infinix would have passed one not an easy engineering challenge, that of placing a sensor with OIS in the narrow spaces of a small hole in the display. But it has at least one chance, that of bringing to the market a smartphone potentially ideal for streamers always on the move, thus making good numbers. And of stimulate competition which, perhaps, has sat down a little too much on other aspects.

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