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The most active users of the music streaming platform Spotify may not be aware of the amount of data that can be extracted from their listening habits. Information that, when well analyzed and oriented, can allow us to know sections that are more or less useful, and to delve into this issue there are various web pages that offer sampling, analysis and comparison services for this data, beyond the data provided by Spotify itself in your summary of the year (Spotify Wrapped)

The use of Spotify generates a large amount of data that can be analyzed to draw interesting conclusions about tastes and habits

From discovering which artist, genre or song is being listened to most frequently to checking who you have musical affinities with, the following web pages will help in this endeavor.

In all cases, it is necessary to have a Spotify account, and you must allow these web services that are mentioned below access to it, and it is advisable to cancel said permission once the use of this web analysis service is completed. data.

-Stats for Spotify: It is one of the classic web pages in the analysis of data from Spotify. Shows which are the most listened to tracks, artists and genres, organizing them periodically by the last four weeks, the last six months or since the start of use, adding the evolution in that use since the last time the statistics were checked since Stats for Spotify itself.

-Icebergify: Through some iceberg-shaped graphics, from which the name of this service comes, the 50 most popular artists in use are shown in short, medium and long periods of time. In the case of highly popular artists, they will be located on the surface of the sea, while in the case of less popular artists, they will be represented on the part of the iceberg that is submerged.

-Spotify Footer: Using the classic pie charts, this website analyzes the use of Spotify and organizes the result as a graph with all the genres listened to over the last month, also adding information about the most listened to artist of the month.

-MusicScape: This website generates a landscape from the most recently listened songs based on mood, energy and musical style in order to create a unique and special sound palette.

-MusicTaste.Space: It allows you to compare the music that is listened to on Spotify with the one that another user listens to. Just send a friend the link to the web page so that both users can check if there are coincidences or similarities between the type of music that each one listens to.

-Moodify: In this case, it is artificial intelligence that is in charge of generating playlists, taking data from the songs that are being listened to at any given time to prepare them.

For those who are interested in these music usage data analysis tools but have other platforms, it should be remembered that there is a way to transfer playlists between streaming platforms that could be helpful in this case.

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