6 reasons to buy Alexa and 3 not to

6 reasons to buy alexa and 3 not to
6 reasons to buy alexa and 3 not to

Smart speakers have gone from being a gadget that had very little presence in homes to just the opposite. More and more families are betting on having one of them, and there we are seeing how the Amazon Echo are opening a gap little by little. That is due to its Alexa voice assistant, which has some very interesting functions to take into account. If you were thinking of getting one, we give you some reasons to buy it (and others not to).

In this article we will review the best functions that Alexa allows us to do, which in fact are not few. In addition, we also give you some reasons not to buy it, especially if you are suspicious of your privacy.

Reasons to buy Alexa

Amazon Echo devices are very good quality products that have Alexa as their great asset. These have improved quite a bit over the generations, and today they offer much more than when they arrived on the market.

Alexa Skills Impressive

Let’s start talking about Alexa’s main course, which is nothing other than the Skills. These are small applications that Alexa has available, and where we have options for all kinds of needs, even if we want to play as a family.

Amazon skills

Amazon has your own skill store so that we can easily install the ones we want on our device with Alexa. To do this, we will only have to have our Amazon account connected to the device and search for the one we want. Simple and easy.

cheap price

As standard, Echo devices with Alexa they are not expensive at all. If we look, for example, at the price of the latest Amazon Echo Dot that has reached the market, we can see how it has a price of 59.99 euros, not bad for everything it offers.

However, Amazon is very prone to putting all its Echo devices on sale, so if we pay attention we can get them for much less. This same 4th gen Echo Dot It is usually on sale at 29.99 eurosan irresistible price.

Control devices in your home

Home automation and what is known as smart home is increasingly present in our homes. Although it still has time to become totally common, there are many devices at home that can be considered smart.

Amazon Alexa Modes

Amazon Echo 3rd generation with Alexa built-in

Thanks to Alexa we can have control over a long list of devices such as light bulbs or even our Smart TV. Controlling all these devices with voice commands is as comfortable as you can imagine, and once you take the step, you don’t want to go back.

The shopping list, made easy

Alexa aims to make our lives much easier in practically any field you can think of. One of the most interesting functions it has is that it allows us, based on voice commands, create a shopping list.

With it we can write down everything we want to buy just by saying “Alexa adds X to the list”, and we will even have the possibility of order things directly from amazon so that we don’t have to do it even with our smartphone.

Modern design

Alexa, as we have already said several times, has several functions, but we cannot ignore the fact that in the end what we are buying at home is a device with which to interact with it. These, by the way, they are very minimalist and elegant.

4th generation Echo Dot

It does not matter if we decide to buy an Echo Dot or an Echo Show, the truth is that we cannot say that none of them are ugly at all. You can put it in your living room or in any room and it will not clash with the rest of the decoration.

Use it as an intercom

When we decide to buy a smart speaker, the most common thing is that we get a single device. But if you have a large house, you may be interested in buying two or more, since you can form with them a network at home.

This is very useful, and you can even use them as an intercom to being able to speak without problems with people who are in other rooms of your house. You may think that this is for lazy people, but if you have a very large house you will appreciate it.

Don’t buy Alexa for these reasons

Just above we have given you a lot of information that will surely push you to decide to buy one of the devices available with Alexa. However, not everything was going to be good, and there may be some reasons that you should take into account before getting one of them.

Alexa is not Google

If you want your voice assistant to have many features and “apps”, it is clear that the smartest decision you can make is to opt for Alexa. But if, on the contrary, what interests you is that answer questions or look for information Perhaps it is not the most appropriate option.

Google Assistant wins in this field, although it is true that the distance between both voice assistants has been shortening little by little. Despite this, Google is Google, and its search engine is unrivaled by Alexa.

Average sound quality

When buying a smart speaker or even an Echo Show device, one can expect its sound level to be outstanding. Obviously this isn’t a bad thing, but we can’t say it offers a sound above average.

Various echo devices

Echo devices with Alexa

When it comes to playing music, you won’t have any problems if you use a normal sound level, but if we raise it to maximum levels, we will notice how the speaker suffers a little more. If you just want a speaker, better look at a dedicated device.

You are jealous of your privacy

And we possibly come to the negative point that can put consumers back the most. These speakers with voice assistants naturally have microphones to listen to our requests and voice commands, but, Do they listen to us when we don’t want to?

There are several news items that have appeared in various world media in which we have been able to read that these loudspeakers they can even spy on us. There are some tricks so that they do not spy on us, but if this worries you, it is better that you do not buy a device with Alexa.

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