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5G and 6G, the future of world mobility according to OPPO

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OPPO has published its new White Paper on 6G: A versatile 6G with minimized kernel. This document is based on OPPO’s forward-thinking research and exploration in 6G, and proposes an innovative “core-minimized versatile 6G system” for the next generation of mobile communication systems.

OPPO’s “Versatile 6G System with Minimized Kernel”

The system proposed by OPPO “modularizes” 6G capabilities and intelligently “connects” different modules of capabilities according to the specific needs of any scenario, allowing 6G networks to be more adaptive and efficient in providing communications support for convergence. of masses of devices and networks in the future.

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OPPO’s “Versatile Kernel Minimized 6G System” model addresses the diverse needs of 6G by providing shared capabilities such as native AI, shared spectrum and security, and multiple “6G subsystems.”

Integration of AI in communication networks

The White Paper also proposes the integration of AI technology into communication networks as a key direction for the development of 6G technology, with the aim of achieving further integration of AI technology into communication networks for transmitting and quickly deploy a rich set of AI models.

Within this system, the minimized 6G Kernel provides the underlying capabilities shared by all network subsystems, while the AI ​​capabilities embedded through 6G will help the network to efficiently deploy the different capabilities of 6G subsystems to applications. corresponding verticals.

The role of 6G in the interconnection of the virtual and real worlds

The White Paper also references the role of 6G in facilitating communication between the virtual and real worlds, making the interconnection and convergence of these two worlds a reality to form the foundation of the metaverse and the foundation of a truly mobile world.

OPPO leadership in 6G research

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OPPO’s leadership in 6G technology research is evident, and its White Paper is a testament to that. The company began its own initial research on 6G in 2019, exploring new device form factors and new service requirements, and has continued to work to bring 5G to more users around the world.

Furthermore, OPPO will continue to explore how 6G technology can create a truly mobile world for global users.

OPPO 6G device prototypes at MWC23

OPPO will present its prototype devices for technological applications based on 6G communication at MWC23, at its stand in Hall 3, stand 3M10, at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona

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