5 ways ChatGPT, Copilot or Gemini can help you at work

5 ways chatgpt copilot or gemini can help you at.jpg
5 ways chatgpt copilot or gemini can help you at.jpg

AI working on PC

Artificial Intelligences are here to stay. Although it is true that the Machine Learning It has been used within companies for years now, thanks to OpenAI and the launch of ChatGPT for everyone, all the Internet giants have worked to launch their own AI. Although many use Artificial Intelligence for absurd things, the truth is that these systems can be tremendously useful, for example, at work.

It has often been said that Artificial Intelligence is going to eliminate a large number of jobs. However, they are nothing more than unfounded fears, since they are not yet powerful enough to replace a real person. What we can do is take advantage of all the capabilities that these AIs offer to help us in our daily lives, for example, at work, when browsing the Internet, or making certain queries.

Today we are going to tell you 5 different ways to use these AIs to be more productive and help us at work.

Make summaries

Surely more than once we have had to read an extremely large text at work. Whether in an email, a document, or a web page, we waste too much time reading all this material, more than half of which is usually filler. Even if it is not clear to us, we have to read it a second time.

ChatGPT Summary

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, we can create summaries with everything important in a document in seconds, eliminating all the chaff. We can indicate the degree of summary we want, and even ask questions about the textwhich will answer us with perfect accuracy.

Write emails and documents

Another of the most tedious tasks at work is writing formal emails or writing documents. Luckily, Artificial Intelligence is here to help us. We can ask ChatGPT, Copilot or Gemini to create a formal email, with the content we want, and in seconds we will have it already written without copying and sending to contacts.

Job Letter generated by AI

We can also do the same if we need to draft a form document. We can ask you for anything from resignation letters to requests for work permits. And, if it is a document with information, even provide you with the information so that you can write it based on the data that we indicate.

Skill development

In any type of work, we must always be developing our skills and adapting to changes. Artificial Intelligence plays a very important role here, since it can help us with this task that, at times, can be tedious.

We can ask the AI ​​to create exercises or challenges for us to improve our skills (depending on the work we do), as well as, depending on our position, recommend other skills that we can develop to be even more professional in what we do. we make.

Search the Internet

If in our work we have to search a lot on the Internet, AI can also help us make this task much more bearable. These AIs connect to the Internet, search for all types of information on the Internet in this regard, and return precise answers to us with their respective sources so that we can expand our knowledge or simply document said information.

AI search for information on the Internet

With Gemini and Copilot we can do it for free, but with ChatGPT we will need to have version 4.0 of the AI, which can only be used via API or by paying the Plus subscription of $20 per month.

Generate creative ideas for projects

Have you come up blank, or are you not good at doing something original? ChatGPT, Copilot, and Gemini are also great tools for getting more ideas. Just tell it what we want, an approach, and the AI ​​will take care of the rest.

It comes in handy when we need to brainstorm, or simply when we’re stuck on a task and want to get other points of view, or other suggestions, to move forward.

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