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5 reasons why you should consider buying an AirTag

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If you haven’t heard of Apple’s AirTags before, they’re basically locators that allow users to knowing where any object is in real time, it’s that simple (it is not created to locate people).

Being practically the same size as a medal, the AirTag is a great tool that can be used a lot. Therefore, if you were looking for an interesting tracker in the market, here in this article you will see 5 main reasons why you could opt for an AirTag.

Take advantage of the full potential of Find my Network

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Take advantage of the full potential of your AirTag with Find my Network

If you need to find your AirTag and it’s not too far away from you, you can quickly and easily locate it using your iPhone device. Now, the interesting thing comes with the Find My network, with which you can see where your AirTag is anywhere in the world.

It is thanks to Ultra Broadband technology, and an Apple U1 chip, that these small devices can maintain communication with hundreds of millions of Apple devices, thus creating a kind of spider web that allows you to be connected with those other devices of the brand (encrypted and anonymous) so they can locate you, wherever you are.

Therefore, if you decide to put an AirTag on your keychain, in your backpack or on any object that is of value, it will prove to be very useful. in case your things are lost or stolen and you want to locate it exactly and immediately.

If you have an iPhone 11 or later, it will be much easier to find your AirTag

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If you have an iPhone 11 or later models, it will be much easier to find your AirTag

The iPhone 11 and later models have the Apple U1 chip with Ultra Wide Band technology, just like AirTags do. This combination makes it much easier to find the AirTagnext to the lost item, when within Bluetooth range.

You will only need to enter the Find my app from your iPhone mobile and click on the Search. That’s all you’ll need for it to show all the information about the exact direction and distance to which the AirTag is located. Also, if you are nearby, you can cause the device to play a sound so you can locate it.

Take advantage of all the accessories to exploit its potential

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Take advantage of all the accessories to exploit the potential of the AirTag

Something that can help complement AirTags a lot, like almost any other electronic device, are the accessories. In fact, you can currently find various cases that sure to give style and protection to the device.

Also, there are even some cases that allow you to put the AirTag on your glasses, on remote controls, on luggagebetween many other things.

You can personally change the battery to the device

You can personally change the battery to the device

The issue of the AirTags battery is something that should not worry you, but not at all. And it is that although the battery life of these devices lasts around a year, when the time comes to change it you can personally do itwithout the need to go to an Apple store or to a technician.

The only thing you will need to do is buy a CR2032 coin cell battery, without bitter coating is worth noting (very important because it can cause some problems to the AirTag). Then, you can read this article where we explain in detail how to change the battery easily and quickly.

It has a good market price.

It has a good market price.

Last but not least, we have to highlight the competitive price of the Apple AirTagthat being this brand you might think that it is an excessively expensive device, but the reality is that it turns out to be the opposite.

The AirTag has a cost of 39 euros, just a little above other options such as the Chipolo One or the Tile Mate that are around 25-30 euros, and that’s not counting that they do not have the Find My network or also the possibility of changing the battery yourself.

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